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Before the inception of AXE, cryptocurrency communities all over have considered Decentralization a fugazi, a word collected from a comic story and far-fetched.

This is no surprise as cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Smartcash, Pivx just to mention a few have continued to violate and sabotage the meaning of the word “Decentralization”. This has made users wonder if cryptocurrency can truly annihilate centralization in all of humanity’s financial dealings.

Due to the promises that lie in the concept of decentralization and how it is constantly changing human business transactions and interactions, Axe is geared towards restoring and maintaining the trust in decentralized systems.

Axe knowing the importance of decentralization in running a successful biased free system does not just run a loose organization but also ensured that the community is 110% decentralized. This is why Axe has so many social media communities which are local to a set of users.

Recently; the Axe superblock system has been fully implemented to ensure things remain decentralized as the development of Axe continues to progress. With this development in place; individuals and organizations alike can put forward proposals to pitch various kinds of ideas that they deem fits the primordial goal of Axe.

Axe superblock is superior to Dash for two reasons, first Dash team control most of the masternode so there is no real vote by the community.
Second, Dash proposal fee is 500 dollars while Axe is half a dollar which is so much lower participation fee for the Axe community.

Each proposal is granted the opportunity to be reviewed and voted by Axe community members (MNOs); if the proposal is accepted (which is determined by votes), the proposal is funded and supported by the entire Axe community.

We believe decentralization to be the future, what do you think?

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