BloqCloud to Launch Infrastructure Services for the EthereumStack.

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ETC Labs partnered with Bloq to deliver infrastructure services for the EthereumStack. Bloq will deliver these services through the recently launched BloqCloud platform. The BloqCloud platform offers the blockchain connectivity that a developer needs to start building quickly.

The BloqCloud platform will provide instant and optimized connectivity for Ethereum Classic and Ethereum networks via its Connect service. In addition to supporting the EthereumStack, their services are inclusive of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, making the BloqCloud platform one of the most inclusive infrastructure services available.

To demonstrate our dedication to building the Ethereum Classic and Ethereum ecosystems, we are offering this service for free to developers for at least two years. (Enterprise-level service agreements are available for a fee.)

The BloqCloud platform helps organizations and teams to:

  • Accelerate time-to-deployment. Developers can focus more on developing their applications and less time configuring and maintaining blockchain infrastructure.
  • Lower cost of operations. The BloqCloud platform provides scalable, highly available connectivity.
  • Confidently Scale. As your project grows, so does your professionally managed infrastructure.

BloqCloud Connect’s features include:

  • a single API for querying/broadcasting transactions on multiple blockchain networks;
  • reliable, scalable infrastructure;
  • indexed blockchain data, and
  • real-time event monitoring.

The joint effort by ETC Labs and Bloq will contribute to the advancement of the Ethereum Classic ecosystem. We anticipate launching in Q1–2020. In the meantime, you can become more familiar with BloqCloud and its services by visiting

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