Discovering the potential of blockchain in the energy sector

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Energy is a miraculous gift to humanity. The transformation from industrialization to digitization requires efficient utilization of energy. Although the energy sector is transforming gradually from fossil fuel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles, it needs technology that can renovate energy resource management. Blockchain technology can take the energy industry by storm making it decentralized, democratized and digitized for a transparent and efficient future. The decentralized technology connects consumers directly to the energy grid rather than trading energy from retailers with the intervention of an intermediary.

Blockchain holds the potential to bring significant benefits and innovation by enabling transparent peer-to-peer energy trading. The adoption of blockchain in the energy sector reduces cost, helps in environmental sustainability and increases the transparency and security of data shared for stakeholders. It brings massive opportunities for trade and the mainstream adoption of renewable energy resources.

Syn ledger has revolutionized the energy world with its unique and sustainable vision to amplifies the transparency and efficiency of the existing global energy market. Syn ledger provides a satisfying solution to its customers for energy trading. It modifies energy trading by emphasizing on peer-to-peer trade of energy by connecting consumers directly to others on the network with excess energy to share. The blockchain-enabled platforms help localized trade of energy via a distributed and decentralized network. The Syn Ledger vision integrates EV into the mainstream auto industry by revolutionizing EV charging infrastructure availability with little to no investment. Our goal is to connect EV drivers with smart charging grids in the vicinity to charge their vehicles before losing power and incentivizing station owners for sharing their energy by using smart contracts and blockchain.

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