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Hello and welcome back to another Evonodes Weekly!

As mentioned in last week’s update, we were considering moving the weekly update to a bi-weekly or monthly update, due to the teams shift in focus to Evonodes 2.0. If you missed that one, here is a link for you- https://medium.com/@Evonodes/evonodes-weekly-10-3-19-e3479e3487ba

We have decided to go with the monthly. So, for at least the next 4–6 months, we will post the update on the first Thursday of every month.

In order to stay up to date with the latest news in real time, if you haven’t already, we urge you to to join our Discord server. We have an amazing community of over 1300 crypto enthusiasts to chat and play games with!

Here is a link to join- https://discord.gg/rPcmp7g

We continue to move PoS wallets over to the new set up. Reecore (REEX) was the first wallet to be set up, so staking rewards for that coin should finally start coming in soon. We are looking forward to finishing the PoS migration up by the end of this week.

Please remember that the official delisting date for Reden has been set to Thursday, 10/17/2019, one week from today. Please withdraw all Reden before this date!

GreenPayCoin remains in maintenance as we continue to wait on word from the developer of the explorer that the issues we reported have been fixed.

Let’s look at the stats for the week…

Active Invested Users: 1328 (+19)
Discord Members: 1305 (+11)
Live Masternodes: 1730 (+88)

Ok everyone, cover us, we are going in! TeamEvo is going to be working our butts off to build you all, what we think is going to be, something very special! Over the next 4–6 monthly updates, we will be releasing small bits of what we are working on, how the progress is coming along, and maybe a few other surprises here and there.

Make sure to join our Discord server and tell us what you would want in your ultimate all-in-one crypto website! Until next time, stay safe out there crypto fam, and hodl hard!


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