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In 1773, Boston colonists decided to stage a political and economic protest of British influence by throwing 92,000 lbs of tea in the harbor, generating $1.7 million (adjusted for inflation) in damages. Ideologically, we are part of the same movement towards decentralized commerce; the Sons of Liberty wanted to buy their tea in an open, global market and DeFi companies aim to provide individual control of assets. So what better place is there to sponsor an ETHGlobal hackathon for the blockchain revolution than Beantown?

At Squarelink, we don’t just talk about use-cases that leverage the security of blockchain, we create products with the potential for mainstream adoption. ETHBoston seemed like the perfect laboratory for our newest idea. Capitalizing on our web3-enabled wallet, we piloted EventPass, an immersive crypto-experience that allows attendees and food vendors to engage in simple and trustless peer-to-peer transactions. Translation — buying your gyro just got way more secure! Over the course of three days, we onboarded 552 users and enabled $6,740.50 of transactions at 7 food trucks.

You can read more about EventPass here, but let me give you a brief summary of what it is:

In essence, EventPass generates pop-up economies with ironclad security and prefunded wallets that you can set up in seconds.

For attendees, make one Squarelink account and voila! Use the same wallet at the many Squarelink-enabled hackathons, conferences, and events you attend. When you’re not at Squarelink functions, you can use the very same account to access dApps, store collectibles, #HODL crypto, and send payments.

For conference organizers and vendors, we’ve created a seamless experience for you as well! Squarelink is an end-to-end solution, offering everything from custom networks and ERC20 tokens, pre-loaded wallet generation to Event Pass printing and fiat off-ramping for a custom cryptocurrency experience.

With such an agile product, you may wonder why we didn’t take a victory lap on September 9. Well, we got a little distracted trying to improve it! We heard your feedback and you’ll be glad to know that at future conferences, you’ll experience increased session times (no more logging in every time you want food), more straightforward network & account switching, and bigger buttons.

We can’t wait to exhibit the improved EventPass (thanks for your feedback!) at SF Blockchain Week and to discover even more ways to improve the Squarelink experience. In the meantime, you can get to know us on Medium (hi, again), Twitter, and Telegram, and we’d love to hear from you at contact@squarelink.com.

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