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We introduce Digibyte, one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies in the market to date. Founded by Jared Tate back in 2013 and released in January 2014, although Digibyte was based on Bitcoin, it is much faster and a cheaper source to transfer assets.

Digibyte is a fast growing and global blockchain focused on cyber security for several decentralised digital payments. Its main focus is on the safety and the most secure way to keep your data.

Like most digital assets, Digibyte cannot be counterfeited, destroyed or hacked which makes it one of the best blockchains to protect valuable items.

Digibyte boasts a network in which is more scalable, faster and more secure that almost any other cryptocurrency.

Digibyte has the potential to surpass the speeds of operators such as PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram etc. These have a processing speed of one million transactions per day.

DigiByte has a block time limit of fifteen seconds which means that transactions are completed, verified and confirmed faster. Despite the scalability issues that come with processing transaction very fast, Digibyte did well by being the first to implement the SegWit protocol.

Digibyte remains the first and only cryptocurrency to employ the use of multiple POF Algo’s with five in total. The maximum number of coins that can be distributed is 21 Million, which will be distributed across 21 years.

It has been said that Digibyte is over 40 times faster than Bitcoin, with the first conformation coming after 15 seconds. As of October 9th 2019 DigiByte has a total market cap of over US $104 million, but has reached a peak of $1.3B in the past. It is the world’s longest, fastest and most secure UTXO Blockchain in existence.

Since 2014, many other blockchains such as Bitcoin Cash, Dodecoin, Zcash & Ethereum have adopted Digibyte technology called DigiShield.

Digibyte was developed just like many other altcoins to overcome Bitcoin’s vulnerabilities. The major issue that Digibyte aims to solve is the question of cyber security.

We live in a digital world where virtually everything we do is connected to the internet — information, data, money, etc. While numerous attempts have been made by other cryptocurrencies to provide online security, they have never been sufficient.

Issues like hacking have turned into the request for the day in the computerised world with such huge numbers of individuals attempting to control others for monetary benefit, albeit, different stages are said to be secure in view of the nearness of the blockchain and the calculation utilised.

In any case, there have been instances of control on these frameworks one time or the other. Generally, DigiByte means to give outright security of things, data and assets.

Digibyte additionally plans to give genuine decentralisation to the world on the loose. Most digital forms of money are not completely decentralised as they are constrained by people and privately-owned businesses as opposed to the networks. This thrashing the meaning of the blockchain innovation. Another issue DigiByte plans to tackle is the issue of speed.

Digibyte consolidates an overwhelming resistance and security structure in protecting resources, data and exchanges on its system. As much as Digibyte presently runs an extremely high security level, its vision on improving barrier and invulnerability against hacks and assaults is considerable.

This demonstrates the worry of Digibyte for the wellbeing of advantages. Security isn’t a thing that Digibyte kids about. A few other crypto ventures have gotten the extravagant of a few financial specialists yet include a high hazard and vulnerability of speculation. Combined with the way that Digibyte guarantees a gigantic benefit on venture, it likewise guarantees the insurance and safeguarding all things considered and properties.

Digibyte is undeniably the most secure and most secure UTXO blockchain, as it builds up its very own particular system instead of the brought together one, Bitcoin.

Truth be told, it very well may be reasoned that the different and individual system of its own is the thing that guarantees the security of Digibyte resources. Some cryptographic forms of money can be hacked dependent on the potential outcomes of a breakdown or centralisation yet Digibyte is route distinctive as it is very advanced and invulnerable to digital assaults.

Digibyte has a trouble alteration that adjusts and changes at each point so as to ensure the advantages. This is rather than the Bitcoin that changes with a fortnight delay.

Digibyte has calculations that are comparing to the trouble changes. It is for all intents and purposes difficult to break into Digibyte Blockchain as it is very exorbitant and costly to complete.

Similarly, the five mining calculations don’t allow a programmer to deal with its system. Most prominent vision of Digibyte is the means by which to consolidate the ongoing innovative headway in its advancement with man-made consciousness. This is to augment the field of computerisation and information investigation like never before previously.

The conclusion we have from our analyse, is Digibyte is one of the most undervalued Digital assets within this space, one that has true potential with a great team and community around it.

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