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After 2 years of serving over 16 Altcoin communities and 7,000 miners, we are excited to launch our biggest product to date: Bitcoin Mining Pool. We are experienced in delivering high quality pools, with strong up-time and customer service and are thrilled to bring this knowledge to the Bitcoin Mining Industry!

You can find detailed Setup Guides for your machine in our Help Page. This brief guide is intended for advanced users that are looking for a connection string and getting to know Luxor’s main features.

Pick one of the Stratum nodes below (ensure it is port 6000) according to your nearest location:

  • stratum+tcp://
  • stratum+tcp://
  • stratum+tcp://
  • stratum+tcp://
  • stratum+tcp://

CN is recommended for miners in the Mainland as the node is located in Beijing, and Asia is recommended for miners outside of China (located in Singapore).

Worker: [LuxorUsername or YourBTCAddress].workername (workername can be anything, but avoid using symbols or special characters as it may be an invalid username).

Password: 123

For the other nodes (Pool 2 and Pool 3), feel free to use any of the other region nodes, such as

With User Accounts, there are enhanced security features to protect your mining operation while providing you greater control.

With custom payment thresholds and manual payouts, you dictate when you want to get paid. Set your payment threshold to suit your needs, you rule over your mining.

Learn more about Luxor User Accounts here.

Once you’ve started hashing, grab yourself a beer! It’ll take about 5 minutes for your worker to appear on our stats page. To find your user, simply go to and type in your wallet address at the top of the searchbar or log into your account. You should see something like this:

To make your life easier, we developed the smartest Mining Bot: Lifeguard. He is available 24/7 and always in a good mood to answer all of your questions and track your miners’ statuses and performance.

Catalyst uses smart coin-conversion technology to allow you to mine Bitcoin with any miner. If your machine can mine one of our supported coins, then you can mine Bitcoin today.

The mining process remains untouched. Miners start hashing one of the supported altcoins and their account gets credited altcoin through our PPS reward structure.

Catalyst affects how we process mining rewards. At least three times per day we start the conversion flow. We bundle all of the altcoin unpaid balances into one large transaction before applying real-time conversion technology to turn altcoins into Bitcoin, aka, Digital Gold.

Your mining rewards are converted into Bitcoin at current prices using high liquidity markets. This ensures that the entirety of the transaction is converted with no delays and at the true spot price.

Catalyst is enabled to work with Sia, Decred, Zcash, Horizen, LBRY, Komodo, Monero, Loki, Aion and Grin. We will add more coins in up-coming weeks, stay tuned.

Luxor is building infrastructure to support the next generation of digital assets. Learn more about us 👉 here.

We are available on Twitter and Discord. Ping us there, we would love to hear from you!

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