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We are finally ready to publish our new 2.0 Whitepaper and give more details about the content that we’ve been working on. The Whitepaper will be added to the website very shortly. We also have been building TWO games simultaneously for you! One of which will be released very soon, the other towards the end of October.

Blaze Battles 2.0:

The first game to be released is a re-birth of our classic game Battles, but this time with some much more rewarding twists AND lower edge. The biggest differences in Battles 2.0 are as follows:

1) Battles 2.0 is NOT a PvP game. Players will be able to roll any time during the day, and do not need to wait for a challenge to appear.

2) Battles 2.0 rewards Burn Power (BP) at a rate that is 50% higher than Machine! This new format will allow you to grind our BP much quicker, especially when the Exchange Rate is low.

3) Battles 2.0 has only a 3% edge, and one third of that edge goes directly towards the Exchange Rate to ensure it is constantly moving up during the day. Like Kings, Battles is built in part to feed the main game, Machine.

Here is how Battles 2.0 works:

Players can roll between 100 and 1000 TRX to get a lucky number on a scale of 0–100. The player guesses High or Low, and is paid back in TRX after every roll, proportionally to the number rolled. Here are the payout formulas:

When ‘High’ is selected: Won Amount = Bet Amount * lucky number * 2 * 0.97 / 100

When ‘Low’ is selected: Won Amount = Bet Amount * (100 — lucky number) * 2 * 0.97 / 100

There are also 10 levels that you can climb based on the outcome of each roll. If LOSE your roll, you RISE one level. If you WIN your roll, you DROP one level. This ensures that long term, you will always climb due to the 3% edge.

With each level climbed you gain an additional .01 BP for every 1000 TRX rolled. So at level 10 you will be at a BP rate of .4. Once you pass level 10, you restart at level 0 and a base rate of .3 BP until you climb up again.

The completion of Battles marks the end of our transition to Blaze Economy 2.0. Now, all 3 of our original games have been reworked to fit our deflationary, low-edge model. From here on out we will be entirely focused on delivering new games and content to keep the Economy buzzing! Speaking of which…

Next Game — Snakes and Ladders:

We’ve talked about this game before, and it is going to be a board game concept where you move up and down the board based on the lucky number you roll. Along the way you will encounter ladders that jump you up further, and snakes that drop you down. There will be rewarding prizes along the way based on the spaces you land on. That’s all we can say for now, but stay tuned for many more details.

As always we are available in our Telegram, Discord, and in-game chat to answer any questions or concerns you may have. BLAZE ON!



Twitter: @BlazeMachine

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