Cash & Bitcoin | How quickly can bitcoin transfer globally?

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Cryptocurrency is peer-to-peer, needs no intermediaries and is not government dependent. You are in control.

Bitcoin can be bought, sold and exchanged directly from one person to another all around the world using the blockchain without needing a financial institution. Bitcoin can be used in any country. Because of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, nearly 2.5 billion people in the developing world will have access to financial services for the first time.

You can send Bitcoin anywhere in the world instantly with minimal fees. This is popular for users that send money back to their home country. Using cryptocurrency, sending money to another country can take as little as a few seconds at a fraction of the cost.

This is better in every way compared to sending money using cash, banks and other money services businesses. Using banks, cash transfers that cross borders can take days or even weeks to send, charging as much as 10% of the money being sent. Transaction times and fees are normally much lower for cryptocurrencies compared to credit and debit cards.


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