Recover Lost Bitcoin Wallet with or without Recovery Phrase

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Losing money and not finding it. Losing digital data and not having a backup. These are two dramas that in the era of cryptocurrencies can be synonymous : in recent years there have been numerous cases of people who at the time were made with a certain amount of locally stored bitcoins and, for one reason or another, lost them.

Bitcoins can be stored, mainly, using two types of wallets : in local storage, or on an online platform. In the first case, we have control of our bitcoins. In the second case, we gain in comfort and we have the security offered by these platforms. However, it may also happen that we lose access to our account or that the platform turns out to be a scam, such.

We have talked with some of those who came to own a certain amount of bitcoins and have been in one of these situations: wanting to recover their wallet and not being able to achieve it.

The first was an Argentine based in Málaga for 28 years, who was encouraged to invest in the cryptocurrency almost a couple of years ago, when its value had dropped after the first large peak that exceeded $ 1,000 in November 2013.

“In January 2014 I spent 50 euros on 0.1 bitcoins. I would tell you it was to test the technology, but the reality is that a brother-in-law (literally) asked me to open a purse because I wanted to invest (a lot of) money in Bitcoin. In the end he didn’t invest a penny of euro and I kept those 10 cents of Bitcoin that I had bought to try a wallet. I don’t know where I left the password, today I would have 450 euros. “

When creating a bitcoin wallet, the system automatically generates a huge list of random words to use as your wallet password. The user must be in charge of saving those words, which do not have any logic (for example, “gradual Roman anemia loquat double weak flip flop wasp nougat invoke …”). Our Argentine friend took a screenshot and left it on the desk. He lost it, and with it, his investment of 50 euros. “It’s something I give up 99% unless they appear in a backup, but I doubt it because I don’t save screenshots.” Today he doesn’t even have the same computer. 832 euros, as of today in November 2017, not earned.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Wallet Recovery

Hard Disk Problems: Marley (fictitious name, wants to preserve anonymity) is a Madrid computer scientist who started mining bitcoins at a low level when it could still be mined domestically (today it is unfeasible since the enormous mining farms and plates dedicated specifically to this activity appeared). First he did it with his CPU and later he bought his first FPGA, a programmable chip that can be used for something very specific, in this case, mining.

With that FPGA it came to undermine 14 bitcoins. It was 2012 and they were worth about 70 euros. As a good computer, he preferred to store them locally: he had plenty of knowledge for it and, as his password recovery phrase, he prefers to have it written on a piece of paper he has properly kept. The problem came when a hard drive broke down and, no matter how hard it tried, it failed to recover the information it contained. That particular hard drive also had no backup, which hurts the most today. In November 2017, those 14 bitcoins would be worth more than 115,000 euros .

That experience, together with the evolution of cryptocurrency mining, which no longer left room for domestic mining, also ended up with Marcos’ desire to enter this area again.

Lost or stolen Bitcoin or Victim of a fraud: It is possible that many fans of everything that surrounds cryptocurrencies, especially if they use forums as a meeting point, meet another friend of ours, also a 32-year-old Catalan, moderator of several of these forums and a retired mining veteran.

He was a victim of the break of a blockchain technology company in early 2014. There he had 189 bitcoins . The company, which was then the largest bitcoin exchange house in the world, reportedly lost over $450 million due to a vulnerability in digital vaults. Its CEO, explained that 100,000 bitcoins owned by the company and 750,000 owned by its users had been lost. As at November 2017, that would have been 7.075 million euros.

Best way to Recover Lost or Stolen Bitcoin with/without Private Keys

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