The next-generation of decentralised web service framework

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f(x) will be an decentralised network. it’s meant to be an integrated solution to serve decentralised networks. The f(x) instruction consists of a mixture of: a replacement blockchain algorithmic rule, an entire set of decentralised network, a decentralised communication design and a decentralized governance protocol. we tend to believe that decentralization ought to be absolute, immutable and without a tinge of centralization. This encompasses the look ideas, design, procedure/protocol, also as governance structures. Ultimately, this is the f(x) implementation of a decentralised network, wherever not one entity will dominate, management and influence the network in any method, form or type.

f(x) aims to disrupt and break free from institutional centralization and monopoly, by building a btockchain network service on the web with all the helpful options and experiences of the internet products these days. f(x) allows swift migration of companies onto f(x)’s blockchain service network, and permits every developer to possess absolute management over their own information, therefore effectively removing barriers between 2 businesses. With information monopolisation removed, f(x) additionally cultivates a way of competitiveness in enhancing user expertise and improved potency, rather than fostering the dependency of past successes (having a grip in information monopoly) to fend off recent competitors.

KuCoin. Supported trading pairs are FX/BTC and FX/ETH

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KuCoin English Telegram: Kucoin_Exchange

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