Your Social Network is an ASSET that Can Be Tokenized, Meaningfully

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Wow, how did you find this blog?!?!? Well, you have insider information now… The Countdown to Cryptoraves Beta-Launch has Begun! Personalized Cryptoraves Tokens will launch SOON, in late-October 2019! Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates. See you at Beta-Launch! 😉

Harness your EXISTING social network

You’ve already built up an online presence through likes, upvotes, followers, etc, and it’s definitely important (& worth a great deal) to you. But you don’t necessarily have a way to harness that worth or value. We all know that the social media behemoths have harnessed the value of your network, and have taken full financial advantage of this through advertising. Currently the value of your own online network is unavailable to you — it’s untapped potential. There are efforts out there to “take back” that user power. There are various tokenized content creation social Dapps that incentivize users to make money (via earning tokens) from their social media contributions.

But doesn’t your existing social network; that is, the importance of your own network, as it stands right now, have meaning to YOU personally, beyond monetary incentives? A bigger and more important value or purpose, perhaps?

If the blockchain is turning the idea of money on it’s head, and causing people to ask questions like, “What is money, anyway?”… Then maybe we can create a new kind of “currency” for social value. We don’t need to define it by price. Maybe there is a new kind of marketplace based on social currency, that could bring social value to the next level. Imagine people participating successfully in the gig economy based on their tokenized social reputation. Imagine “staking” your tokens to underline the importance of a cause, or the potential of a project. Imagine using tokens to gather online momentum for a new project or a fundraising event.

Imagine using tokens for good.

By using your own, personalized Cryptoraves tokens as a way to appreciate others online, you’re also building your own token’s network. You are defining through your tokens a new type of social network based on your reputation. Those who you appreciate, and even more importantly, those who appreciate you back, help to solidify your credibility. We believe this reciprocation, or sharing back, is the glue that forms the bonds between us, and that holds communities together. We think tokens can quantify these bonds to some, perhaps significant, degree.

Cryptoraves User Portfolio

So why not view these individual and collective bonds as an asset class: a portfolio of “tokens of appreciation” you’ve accumulated from those in your social network? Put bluntly, the larger and more diverse your social token holdings, the more valuable, and thus desirable, your token will be.

Now that your social network can live on the blockchain, the freedom to take it with you exists. It is portable. You can build your token’s value across various social media, and other, platforms. You have the potential to export your own ERC-20 token. Cryptoraves is starting with Twitter, but many more platforms will be added as the next steps on our roadmap.

You can start harnessing the value of your existing social network now, using your own, personalized Cryptoraves tokens. Tokenize your social value. Build & grow your own token economy. One Tweet at a time.

You + (Being Awesome) = (Token Value)²

They’re Personalized Tokens You Can Tweet, For FUN!

Test Drive Your Own Token Economy, Right On Twitter.

Personalized Tokens Coming Soon! Just Tweet: @cryptoraves #DropMyCrypto

Or to learn more, visit our website.

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