Composability in Ethereum Games: Building on Cheeze Wizards

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As players are eliminated from the Cheeze Wizards tournament, they’re going to be looking for interesting things to do with their Wizards: this is an engaged and highly monetizable player base for developers to build for.

In all cases, any profits from your venture are 100% yours.

We are also giving away prizes worth 15+ ETH so keep reading:


From now until November 10th, every qualified* CheezyVerse project that launches on the Ethereum mainnet will receive a participation prize from the Cheeze Wizards team:

  • 5 Neutral Wizards that are ready to rumble (0.35 ETH of power)
  • Advisory session with a Dapper Labs game design, UX, engineering, or business team member
  • A chance for your project to be reviewed by Dapper Labs investors
  • A chance for your app to be featured on

From the qualified submissions, our team will pick up to five projects for crème de la crème prizes, valued at over 3 ETH each.

These special prizes will be awarded on a rolling basis until November 15th, so the earlier your project goes live, the better chance you have to win:

  • 15 Neutral Wizards (over 1 ETH worth of power)
  • 5 Limited Edition Mold Wizards of our choice (minimum 1 ETH of power)
  • 5 Limited Edition Founder Wizards
  • 3 Elemental Wizards of our choice (minimum 1 ETH of power)
  • Up to five advisory sessions with Dapper Labs game design, UX, engineering, and/or business team members
  • Your project will get reviewed by Dapper Labs investors
  • Your app featured on Cheeze Wizards website and social

*qualified = real, usable, useful, non-malicious, conforming to local jurisdiction laws as judged by us

API by Alchemy

We’ve partnered with the awesome folks at Alchemy to host the official Cheeze Wizards API; this should make it even easier for devs to build on top.

Alchemy’s API allows Cheeze Wizards developers to interact with simple, intuitive endpoints and access information about wizards, duels and more.

Check out the docs on Alchemy’s site

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