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The entertainment and media industry makes over $ 2 trillion a year worldwide. In addition, half of the world’s population watches online video. Studies show that 82% of global Internet traffic is used for video and audio. Global entertainment and media companies are increasingly affected by declining public confidence. Therefore, Refine Medium believes that trust is a very important tool to attract participants and maintain the ecosystem in the future.

Refine Medium is a decentralized media platform that offers original and high-quality video content. Followers of the platform are based on Ethereum technology, designed to allow creators and innovators to connect to blockchain-based smart contracts. It is a platform that encourages each member to contribute to the platform. Refine Medium is also a platform for complete transparency, users watch their videos, lack of geographical barriers, easily detectable and accessible content, content piracy and especially rewards for discounts caused by piracy. The subscription fee for users is very low. The refined XRM token is a cryptographic presence that will be distributed at the initial stages of the maturation process of the purified medium.

The token will be supported by those who want to get their share in the Refine Medium ecosystem, and those who believe in the decentralization of the blockchain-based online video industry. The goal of Refine Medium is to transform the existing centralized industry with revolutionary technology and increase transparency, security, decentralization and creativity in the segment, which revolutionizes the social experience of consumers.
Refine Medium is the perfect combination of corporate conscience, technical excellence and unique fun. This is a platform based on reliable cryptocurrency, designed for mass deployment, aimed at developing People’s Own Media and supported by blockchain technology. I

The Refine Medium platform is built on 5 foundations;

  • Trust in content : copyright protection mechanisms. Videos can only be downloaded for a fee, so content creators are rewarded for their work.
  • Audience trust: the platform makes it easier to deal with events on social networks. Confidence in information is based on real and easy-to-understand statistics that show a balance of effort and benefit.
  • Token Trust: Distribution through proven smart contracts.
  • Trust in the ecosystem: moderators are chosen by the community and receive rewards in accordance with their work. If their activities are not evaluated, they can be removed from the function in accordance with the voices of users.

Clarify the medium mission and vision:

  • Mission Refine Medium; Testing and justification of online media to build confidence in the blockchain system is the creation of a reliable, unchanging and secure laptop.
  • His vision is there; is to create a social video platform, the purpose of which is to build a bridge with people through communication. The goal of RefineMedium is to create an ecosystem that turns a naive creator into a self-fulfilling structure. The goal is to reach the top of the Intefini Rhombus Amacha.

How it works?
Refine Medium raises the bar for video platforms around the world and looks like a new cryptocurrency model. The Refine Medium interface is very intuitive and makes monitoring, downloading and rating videos very easy. It is based on the principle of local administration and is downloaded only if the video receives a certain number of votes. There are moderators online who vote for the video, and subsequent ratings bring rewards to the creators of the content.

The application will have the following main functions:
24/7 video streaming and easy download
Automatic rewards with smart contracts.
Neutral voting and reward sharing mechanism.
Clarification of the average wallet.
Distributed video storage.
Transparent and secure transactions with XRM token information


Token sale will be carried out in three stages;
A special stage of sales will take place from 05/25/2019 to 06/15/2019. 15 million XRM tokens will be available. During this time, a beta version of the application will be published.
The pre-sale period for the sale of 30 million tokens will be held in the period from 2006/25/2019 to 07/15/2019.

ICO will be held from July 25, 2019 to September 30, 2019, where 150 million tokens will be sold.
The project accepts ETH, BTC, BCH and XRP, and ICO participants do not need to pass KYC checks. ICO aims to reach 170,000 ETH. I

The Refine Limited group of companies is registered in Hong Kong. The team often includes blockchain experts from India. The Refine Medium team offers a wealth of experience from a wide variety of sources. They are trying to create an environment in which members are free to express their ideas and feelings.


Detailed information can be found at:

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Penulis : Pavlick08

Eth : 0x28cBDbAD38a83471e13b5C71Cb823B5b1a14f216

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