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Since ancient times, humans are very worthy to be called the smartest earth creatures. Because with the level of intelligence he was able to bring world civilization to be far more transformed. In addition, each of them also has intelligence with different levels and characteristics. This also automatically brings the world of economy and business to become more colorful and innovative. One form of transformation of human intelligence is economic digitalization technology, or what we often refer to as the Blockchain.

Blockchain technology is a technology that is the center of various types of economic activities carried out by various types of platforms that integrate it. Therefore, currently technology scientists such as Lucas Komarnicki Steady chose the technology to be integrated in the stock trading platform he founded, namely Soraix.

As we know, the flow of transformation that is increasingly developing automatically also influences the development of human thought. This can be seen from the way the businessmen look for a number of other alternatives to develop their business. One alternative method is to join a number of stock exchanges owned by the local financial authority. But now Blockchian technology is also releasing new products such as Soraix which at present can also function as a stock trading platform and a number of equity tokens.

If we compare between conventional economics and cryptocurrency economics, we will see a basic system difference between the two. It is the same with trading ownership assets on Soraix and the conventional stock exchange. Where to enter the stock market is certainly required for us as a company or user to have capital. If a conventional stock exchange proposes conditions for ownership of shares that have a certain value. While Soraix proposed the conditions for ownership of equity tokens from the company. Until now, we certainly have often heard that various types of shares that are deployed on conventional stock exchanges, of course, are divided into various types, namely ordinary shares, preferred shares, performance shares, and shares in the name. This is certainly very different from Soraix, where it does not share the characteristics of the equity tokens it requires.

Previously we have also heard about the process of digital stock trading, in which the owners will automatically get dividends or profits distributed to shareholders. Therefore, speaking of the distribution of profits, Soraix also currently has a number of very attractive profit offers. Before the user really entered the world of Soraix digital stock trading. So as the opening of the main market, he also made an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) with certain bonus conditions, even with lower price offers.

Besides having many characteristics, Soraix also has various advantages in the exchange system. Did you know that it has a 1: 1 exchange concept, which theory can automatically attract the attention of potential users. If we analogy, you as a company issue 300,000 equity tokens, of which 1 equity token has a value of $ 400. But later this token can be exchanged for 1 SRX which only has a value of $ 300. Therefore we can say that the exchange system on Soraix does not look at the size of the value of the two tokens. But of the number of units of the token. Therefore if you have an SRX token, of course you can also buy other equity tokens with this comparison. In addition this will certainly increase the value of Soraix in a number of stock exchanges.

Strategic stock exchanges are stock exchanges that can embrace users from all kinds of economic groups. This is of course done to further develop businesses that are currently passing through the initial stages or we can also call pioneering companies. Therefore, this mission is certainly carried out by Soraix with absolutely no minimum limit on the number of SRX token purchases at the ICO stage. Where of course this can also be a major attraction for Soraix as a trading platform for valuable assets.

Each platform certainly has a priority scale from the distribution of tokens it launches. There are currently 1 billion Soraix tokens available, divided into several items, including ICO, Bounty, Airdrop, reserves and the teams involved. In addition to establishing accuracy in its token allocation system, Soraix also has sales estimates, which it targets a hard cap of $ 24 million and a soft cap of $ 4.5 million. Of course this is a form of seriousness Soraix to further convince potential users to invest their assets.



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