X Card, the Complete Blockchain-tech Digital Wallet

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At this time, no one is able to stop the development of technology, so this has caused a lot of the birth of the latest technological innovations and is equipped with advanced features that have been presented by activists or technology scientists. One technology that is being targeted by technology activists today is the Blockchain technology, which technology can be used as a basic system for creating the latest technology.

One platform that has been created by technology activists using Blockchain technology is the X Card, which is a platform that will help users make financial transactions using various types of crypto and fiat currencies quickly. At present there are various types of businesses that use crypto currencies as a form to increase their profitability, but still have constraints on how they should withdraw the crypto currency. This is because there are still some platforms that cannot provide financial transaction services with exchanges for different currencies.

X Card is a digital wallet that provides digital currency financial transaction services such as crypto and fiat currencies. Where users can exchange currencies with different types in real time and without limits. Not only that, users can also make transactions such as sending a sum of money and receiving a sum of money of course using a very minimum fee. Then X Card users who use prepaid financial cards bearing the VISA and Mastercard logos, can enjoy X Card transaction services, such as making purchases of certain crypto and fiat currencies. This is the same as connecting ordinary prepaid cards with mobile banking applications that have been provided by financial services such as banks, but this service can only be accessed with one type of currency.

Not only that, X Card will also provide services to users who want to buy a different type of crypto currency quickly, where users can buy crypto currencies as easily as other payment transactions and of course it can be done in real time. Currently X Card has completed its features with a service that can be accessed on smartphones, this feature is a digital wallet application called XCard Wallet. Besides XCard Wallet is also equipped with a KYC system or Know Your Custumer, this is done so that the X Card is able to reach certain parties who have a history of past crimes to ensure the safety of X Card users.

Previously, X Card had carried out various forms of planning to the maximum in order to maintain their platform. Such as launching applications supported by IOS and android systems, namely BETA XCARD Wallet in Q4 2019. In addition, X Card will also do crowfunding using the IEO method through the BETA X CARD application, where users will purchase XCard tokens using the application and X Card will target the first 5 thousand users who buy the token, with estimated sales of $ 5 million. Then in Q3 2020 X Card will launch the XCard mobile application and Crypto credit card with the most complete version, which is planned to be launched in Asia and the United States. In addition, in Q4 2020 he will also provide the latest services such as providing loans, insurance and so on and will launch XCard crypto credit cards in Africa. This is done because the X Card wants to dominate various market shares such as the African Continent, the United States and Asia globally. Then the last plan in Q1 2021, where XCard will make improvements and collaborate with various companies.

With good planning management, certainly will create a platform that displays high quality. This is also displayed by XCard, which has done a variety of quality planning and can be seen that XCard is ready to launch various features with all kinds of sophistication that can be enjoyed by users. Therefore, X Card is one of the platforms that can provide the most complete service access, which not only provides financial transaction services to users of crypto currencies, but also to users of fiat currencies.


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