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  1. Best place to start is to decide where to place your Mining Rig(s)
  2. Open your fuse box and locate which breakers are connected to the outlets that you will be using.
  3. Read the fuse box labels carefully, then plug a lamp or anything lightweight to test the outlets.
  4. Turn off the breaker and check if the light turns on, do it to all of the outlets that you will be using and write down your wattage limits.

Doing the Calculations

With the method above, you will be able to figure out how much watts can a plug handle. Now that you hopefully labeled which breaker is related to what plug then you’re ready to perform the calculation, here is an example that you can follow:

If the breaker says 15 Amps, then it means you can do : 120v * 15 amps = 1800 Watts.

Voltage is usually 120v for residential in U.S. and Canada but please double-check and contact your electricity supplier and ask them.

Putting the limitations

For example in our mini-mining farm, we are running 3 Rigs from 5 different outlets, those rigs have a total of 5 power-supplies, hence it is 5 outlets. We got 2 EVGA 1200 Watts Platinum, 2 Thermaltake 750 Watts Gold RGB, and 1 Corsair HX1200 Watts Platinum. The 2 EVGA 1200 Watts are running on a 20 Amps outlet, which yields 2400 Watts total, and the others are running at 1800 Watts outlets.

Please make sure to never go beyond 80% usage of the power outlet, it can make the breakers go off and shut down the rigs if they get too hot. If you have 1800 watts to use, do NOT go beyond 1500 watts of usage and to track how much you’re using use this Power Draw Tracker.

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