Interest in Crypto Talent Is Growing Despite Price Swings in Crypto

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In the past few years, the price of crypto has seen some wild swings. Despite this, the number of jobs available in this sector has continued to grow. On November 7, a job-listing site published data on the crypto sector. The data shows that crypto jobs per million have grown by 1457 percent in just four years. This is not surprising since the market has matured in just a few years since it was launched. Even institutional investors and large tech firms have entered the blockchain sector.

Large Tech Firms are Driving Job Growth

Most of the growth can be attributed to the growing interest in the blockchain and crypto by large tech firms such as Facebook. Most of these companies are looking for a way to use the technology as a method of payment or to facilitate transactions.

Facebook recently announced that it plans to launch the Libra stablecoin. Considering the size of the project, it will no doubt require a lot of talent to execute. Thus far, the project has attracted some of the top talent in the blockchain sector as well as experts from other fields.

Another company that has scooped up talent in the crypto space is Square, which was founded by Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO. This was after the Square App added a crypto option, allowing users to buy and sell BTC with ease. Other major firms that have been hunting for talent in the crypto space are Amazon, KPMG, Oracle, IBM, and many others.

Government Agencies are getting into the Fray

One major agency that has recently been looking for crypto talent is the US Federal Reserve. It put out an ad for a retails payment manager who would their digital assets research, the DLT, as well as stablecoins.

The SEC was also looking for crypto talent back in April. They were looking for someone who would work as a full-time attorney in the Division of Trading and Markets. The reason for this growing interest in crypto expertise is clear; any company that hopes to enter the crypto space will need to do so with the right talent.

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