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Try out the latest version of Satoshis.Games

Earn bitcoin playing games

Icon packs

New icon packs are available in accordance with our 8bit style to improve the User experience.


To enhance the game experience, we applied new backgrounds with our distinctive touch: a cyberpunk style/ retro pixel. Now, the website is a game itself with several games in it, not only a just a website with games.


In this latest version, we have improved the web browsing experience as we optimized the navigation tool of the platform in the sidebar and therefore, we could get rid of the navbar. In the sidebar, the user can have now a preview of the profile, including a fast withdrawal option. Besides, the sidebar gives now access to the Satoshi´s Games social media (Twitter, Medium, GitHub and Discord), and has a notification icon in it for the user.


Initially, withdrawals were restricted from 10K to 3K daily. Then, due to several attempts for hacking games to withdraw sats from the platform, withdrawals are now manual. This is a temporal solution until a more deterministic and final solution.


Different UI components have been optimized to ensure Satoshi´s Games always works perfectly on mobile devices.
For those users that have not signed up, an astronaut (avatar) will provide users with info about how to use the platform.

We have optimized the user profile considerably to show only the most essential content. In addition, the user can now delete the profile from the setting tab.

This section has also acquired the cyberpunk style that characterizes Satoshi´s Games.


We brought together all games to the same section to make the gaming experience frictionless.


In this section, the user will find those games in which free satoshis can be earned. However, the user can only play one challenge a day and wait for the next day to earn more. So, think wisely!
There is also a new challenge in partnership with a BitCoin designer, Bitko Yonowsky to create a BitMan, a packman nake off running on lightning.


Users can vote the new games we are currently developing, so users can have a say in our platform. As all games developed here are open source, we kindly invite everyone to contribute to the developing of new games that come out.

The shop has been updated adding the same style that characterizes Satoshi´s Games, pixel anarchy -cyberpunk, and accordingly with the rest of the website.


In this section, the user will find all the avatars. There are now available six new packs of avatars, adding better customization to the game experience. Besides, there are now avatars from a Picasso style to artificial intelligence robots, going through cats and monkeys. The avatars system works the same: two avatars are provided when the user sing in, and if a premium avatar is wanted, the user can buy a pack that will also give the user access to the rest of avatars of the pack. Four avatars of every pack are provided daily. Soon avatars running on bitcoin.


In the market place, there is now a new section where art pieces by Bitko Yonowsky are for sale, which includes stickers, wallpapers and much more merchandising. There is even a new line of products exclusively designed for Satoshi´s Games by this artist. Satoshi´s Games is the Bitko Yonosky´s exclusive distributor.


The user will find in this section other products, like tickets, SuperBro lives, among others.


The score section has been updated by providing new improvements and functions. It has been maintained the same functioning on the leader board that was already.

Gamer of the week

Weekly, the player with the best score, will be awarded exclusive content from Satoshi´s Games. Besides, the player will appear in this section as the winner of the week accompanied by a direct link to the player´s social media. A great opportunity to show off your skills as a player!

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