Metronome Update — October 2019 – Metronome Token

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In October 2019, the Metronome team had its first Town Hall and published a three-part series meant to further educate the ecosystem about Metronome’s unique capabilities.

Metronome Town Hall:

Members of the Metronome team — Metronome Managing Director Jordan Kruger, Communications and Marketing lead Phil Gomes, and Community Manager Alexandra Prodromos — moderated its first Town Hall discussion with Metronome’s Telegram community. The team was able to, first, shed more light on the QTUM chainhop planned for Q4 of 2019. Jordan and Phil discussed the complexities of not only executing the chainhop itself, but the need for the team to focus on adding QTUM support to the wallet as well.

Next, the conversation shifted to include an overview of the different media channels the Metronome team uses, with a focus on owned or team-generated content, and how the community can participate in the marketing and promotion of Metronome. Metronome is fortunate to have a passionate community supporting the project, and appreciated their enthusiasm during the Town Hall discussion. The Metronome team anticipates holding Town Halls on a monthly basis in the future.

Renewed Focus on Education: Three-part Contract Series

This month, Jordan Kruger authored and released a three-part series on Metronome’s unique contracts. The first in the series discussed the nature of the Daily Auction, and provided a tutorial for how to purchase from the Daily Auction directly through the web portal. The second piece detailed the Proceeds Contract, and how proceeds generated from the Daily Auctions are funneled back into the MET ecosystem. The third piece outlined the Autonomous Converter Contract, and also provided a tutorial on how to convert ETH to MET using this contract from the web portal. In the future, the team plans to continue providing more educational pieces on Metronome’s intricacies and provide more visibility into how the cryptocurrency functions.

More to come,

The Metronome Team

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