Oasis Labs at San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019 and Hackathon

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San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019 is over and the Oasis Labs team was super busy, involved, and active throughout the week. This post is a recap of our experience and lessons-learned.

We had a few goals for SFBW:

  1. As the network moves towards some major milestones, we wanted to create more awareness on platform features and open source code, and the network’s roadmap. We’re especially interested to let people know about our strength in privacy, and the foundation’s efforts to accept node operators, the upcoming staking competition, and new ambassador program.
  2. Build relationships with those in the blockchain ecosystem.
  3. Spend a ton of time in the trenches with developers at the DeFi Hackathon. Specifically we wanted to gain a better understanding on what is important to developers; what they care about; what gets them excited; what motivates them; and their viewpoint of community and what participation means to them.

Here’s our week in tweets and pictures:

Dawn Song presented on Nimble, a new approach to Scalability for the Oasis Network.

Then, later that evening, we participated on a panel with Blockcrafters and Mousebelt, both Korean accelerators.

The next day, we were invited to participate on a panel with other projects, sponsored by Pantera Capital to talk about building blockchain ecosystems.

In partnership with Nervos and other good projects like Parity and Near, we presented a workshop on Rust in Blockchain.

Later that evening, we attended a Coinbase Custody meetup to learn about the good things Coinbase is doing in the space.

Dawn participated on a panel entitled “What grinds my SNARKs”

Later that evening, Oasis hosted a panel exploring the role of privacy in DeFi. We were so fortunate to have a panel comprising all the major areas in the DeFi stack. Panelists included:

  • Dawn Song, CEO & Founder of Oasis Labs
  • Taylor Monahan, Founder of MyCrypto
  • Alex Wearn, Founder of IDEX
  • Nevin Freeman, Co-founder, Reserve Protocol
  • Teck Chia, Head of Binance X
  • Adelyn Zhuo, Head of Marketing at Chainlink
  • Jesse Leimgruber, Founder of Bloom.co

And here’s our video of the panel interview —

Panel with Taylor Monahan, Alex Wearn, Jesse Leimgruber, Dawn Song, Teck, Adelyn Zhou, Nevin Freeman

This last weekend was the DeFi Hackathon which is a three-day event that leverages open source software and decentralized networks to transform traditional financial products into trustless and transparent solutions without intermediaries.

There were over 400 participants, about 15 sponsors, and over $60,000 in prize money.

During the weekend, we spent a lot of time with developers and learned about their interest in blockchain, languages they like to develop in, and other platform characteristics they find attractive on which to build.

There were 4 teams that built, to some degree, on the Oasis Network. I want to just go through what two of the teams did and how each utilized Oasis in their project.

Inspiration: Enterprise companies have a need for top security and, at some point, may have to interact with DeFi assets either personally or in their employment.

Jerome, the developer, built his project using Samsung Knox secure container (TEE) for top security.

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