Some really importart updates are already released!

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Our tech team has been working really hard on Ubikiri, and now we are pleased to announce we have some important updates in that regard.

Firstly, when you send funds from Ethereum and Cil wallets, you will now see the current balance of this wallet from which funds are sent. This balance will also be displayed on the next screen during this transaction. It will make the whole process a lot more comfortable.

Also, some improvements to the wallet creation and import function are coming. From now, your wallets will receive their names automatically after creation. When creating a wallet, your private key will be fully seen and a button “Copy address” will make this process easier for your convenience.

A few things have been added regarding the avatar service and profile tab, as well as the addition of an up arrow in long lists, scrolling update on some pages and new pattern settings. Not the most important ones, but all in all it will provide more seamless use of our social network.

A huge update regarding smart-contracts. When you decide to open Smart contract tab, you will now see a lot of useful tools and information. It’s address, wallet address that make this smart contract, Consilium address within which this smart contract operates, it’s description, name, avatar, a field for choosing a wallet on behalf of which it is possible to sign this contract, unique link to this contract, and more.

And that’s not all! Erc-20 token support has been added to our Ethereum wallets as well. We strive to give you as many opportunities to use our network as possible.

And, finally, regarding KYC — our integration with Cryptonomica is completed! It’s one of our most important updates because it’s a really important preparatory step for our future listing!

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