Why Bitcoin SV Is A Hard Buy For The Next Year – Illustrious Investor

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Full disclosure: I am writing this because I want Bitcoin SV to go way up… I bought Bitcoin SV very recently.

Wait, what’s Bitcoin SV?

A new fork of Bitcoin, called Bitcoin SV, is high performing right now, and only $125 per coin.

I love this coin.

This coin makes more money.

This investment makes money make more money.

This investment mow your lawn, trims your hedges, and has doubled the money already.

I am so irrationally exuberant regarding Bitcoin SV.

I am not kidding.

This makes Bitcoin a Buy too.

The market presumes inevitable that Bitcoin will return to $20,000 for a second time, or more. $40,000.

If that is to be the case, Bitcoin SV might return more doubling of the money than in the initial rise of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin SV is a fork, based on “Satoshi’s Vision” according to the original white paper of Bitcoin, in the beginning.

As you know, in the early days, Bitcoin basically printed money.

Bitcoin SV is going to be one of those coins on lists for the next 5 years.

My prediction is Bitcoin SV is going to $2,000 a coin, over the next two years.

As Bitcoin returns, so too will Bitcoin SV return more.

I don’t want to keep you, but a quick reminder might do…

There were days when people didn’t worry about Bitcoin. It just went up.

That’s how I feel about Bitcoin SV right now.

Go buy Bitcoin SV!

That’s a win.

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