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In this article, I will take a look at the community building of Elrond. This piece is just my opinion as a part of the growing community of Elrond. The views that I will express are my own views not sponsored or paid. Enjoy reading.

First of all, we will define what is a community is?

Community define as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

Since the beginning of time, humans naturally form tribes, factions, organization or groups to work together to produce a better result compared to working alone.

Like in the crypto space if a crypto project don’t have a community the project will become unpopular that will not lead to mass adoption. Community building is essential to become a project successful and lead to mass adoption.

In Elrond, the community building is very important; they make a program called SOCIAL MINING that will reward a community member that will contribute, help and support the project and Battle of Nodes. So that’s why Elrond caught my attention and interest.

Social Mining

The special of this program the communities around the world unite to spread the word of the project, help each other, compete each other like in the cryptobubbles tournament, and contribute to the development of the Elrond network (like making helpful guides on connecting on Elrond test net, submit bugs and issues).

Social Mining defines a concept that helps engage new users, by using all types of social platforms, such as GitHub, Telegram, Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn and many more and leveraging token economic theories to incentives and create an organic community of skilled long term holders.

In the last two waves of the Elrond Social Mining Program, Elrond recorded on the Social Mining platform; over 10,400 platform users, 2,212 Reddit account linked on the platform and twitter page of Elrond gain a 4,109 new followers.

Source https://twitter.com/elrondnetwork/status/1164533850355195904

On the Official Elrond Telegram, the participants of the Elrond Social Mining are very helpful to those new in Elrond (answering some queries of new members and potential investors). The Elrond community is very solid with the help of Social Mining.

Source: t.me/ElrondNetwork

Elrond is serious in community building, they reward top contributors and supporters of their project. The Elrond Social Mining 4 is still ongoing you can join here: https://community.elrond.com

Elrond Battle Of Nodes

Elrond makes an event the Battle of Nodes, the main goal of this is to test their network, attack the network, report issues on the code and secure the network. Participants of this event are serious to test their network, they rent a VPS on with their own pocket and make some powerful scripts, bot’s and many more. With this solid approach of the community, I saw that Elrond will success in the near future and it will lead to mass adoption of their network.

Elrond is very transparent and honest to the community, they keep updated the community on what’s going on and the real deal is the approach of the team to the community (meetup, awareness program like social mining and attending some big events. If they maintain this effort they will get more loyal supporters and also investors.

Community Building is very essential, especially in the crypto space. That is I want to suggest to the Elrond team to focus on. Community is the backbone of a crypto project, one of the examples of this is the Bitcoin itself without the Bitcoin community it will not become popular.

For me, Elrond must not set any priorities country or communities that will use the platform lets make it available for everyone except to those countries banned cryptocurrency. Don’t forget the word Decentralization itself.

Community building is MUST for every projects especially crypto projects like Elrond. The community will help a lot on the development of the project that will result a success.

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