I hate to rain on your parade but Membrana is anything but an A project.

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I hate to rain on your parade but Membrana is anything but an A project. It is a scam and the project CEO Yuriy has ZERO INTEGRITY. It is truly a shame when a person tries to leverage “trust” to pull off a scam and mislead people. Stay way clear of Membrana and its fake platform of trust management.

Strong words, I know. Can I back them up with proof? You are damn right I can. Where to start… How about some obvious points. Project Team.. half of the listed people are not even associated with Membrana. Most notable is the fraudulent listing of Michael Creadon, a very well known influence in the crypto space. They listed him as the “chief of bus dev” until last week when they removed him finally. I spoke with Michael and he has never been a part of this group of russian hackers.

Market Cap.. fake again.. the fully diluted market cap is based on a total supply of 1b tokens. Problem is, after they tanked on their IEO, they burned 350,000,000 tokens.

Circulating supply, fake again. A quick follow of the top ten token holders will show how they have been washing the hell out of their token on probit and ABCC exchanges.

Oh, and their “trading platform”. It is completely manipulated to show ridiculously high gains when the opposite is true. They lost their ass on the last cof.

Now for my favorite and most disgustingly blatant lie from Membrana. The Global Trading Competition.. “Cash Prize of $100,000 AND tournament points converted to mbn tokens at a rate of 1/1,000. Guess what, all bullshit! These jerks pulled a bait and switch and screwed all of us winners out of our prize. How do I know? Look at the leaderboard, I am #14 saamiam. My prize was supposed to be $4,000usd and 618,000,000MBN. WHAT DID I GET? $670 and ZERO MBN tokens for my points.

A full month after the competition ended these scumbags post a payout scheme that was completely different than the contest rules stated. The $100,000 prize pool was now going to be paid as mbn tokens.. and oh yeah, at the $0.02 ieo rate and not the market rate of $.004. And , and they will nickle dime the payout over 3 months.. so from the cash prize pool alone, the traders get screwed out of 85% of their winnings. Keep in mind that this was a 50week contest!! 50 weeks of highly competitive trading during the worst crypto winter of all time. Well, what about the points? Well that changed too from all points will be converted to tokens at the end of competition to… “the points can be used for special “inner” platform services” and will be open for use some time next year.

Here are just a handful of the bullshit false advertising they marketed. So after a full year of the “Global Traders Competition” Membrana got their platform debugged for free and the traders got jacked.

Membrana is a scamming group of hackers that leverage trust to facilitate lies.

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