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BTCAlerts is a really good website that will give you real-time update news.

The mobile-friendly website makes it really good for users to use and navigate on their webpage. The top page has flashing news which gives you the heading of each news and you can click and go to whichever suits you.

On the page we have a column for the main stories, the editors pick and also the trending stories which you can always click. I like the editor’s pick which is the carefully selected news that will interest any Cryptocurrency lover.

Below the homepage, there are segments of news sourced from websites like the Cointelegraph. Coindesk, Ethereum world news and Coinbase and Bitcoin news. This makes this website unique you won’t need to open this website but all the news is all on one website where you can access the news this has been sourced out for users on their website.

Also, not forgetting their social media websites plugins are on the page where you can easily access to subscribe so you can be having the news updates received on your social media apps.

On the websites, you can also have an overview of the crypto market to see the performance either losing or gaining. And also there is a shop where you can get yourself your favorite cryptocurrency merchandise.

I will advise you to visit the website today and subscribe for the latest news update.

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