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In the last few years, investing in crypto has become very simple. You log onto your exchange, fund your account, buy crypto, and wait for it to skyrocket. Super easy right?

I wish.

Although the space has matured significantly over the last few years, crypto investors still struggle to manage their investments due to high volatility, complicated exchanges, and a lack of education.

Crypto is confusing. Learning about blockchains, private keys, and smart contracts can be very intimidating even for experienced investors. Even if you happen to learn the technicalities, the process of building a sound portfolio is tedious. Choosing from thousands of assets across several exchanges is tough, especially given the lack of educational resources that could help you differentiate winners from losers. A sizable chunk of the crypto market is comprised of obscure assets, some of which are scams, and the majority of which pose an extremely high risk.

After you decide which assets to invest in, you get to deal with complicated exchanges, who are always acting in your best interest, right? Wrong. Novices have to learn how to use different types of orders, undergo cumbersome AML/KYC checks, and track their assets across a fragmented ecosystem. Last but not least, exchanges have complex fee structures with hidden fees and spreads, all of which work to the detriment of the end-user.

Once you’ve bought your crypto, now the real game begins. You’ve just invested in a global market that never sleeps, and is plagued by high intraday volatility. Bitcoin, for example, is 6x as volatile as the US stock market and 5x as volatile as Gold. Volatility in crypto is higher than that of other asset classes due to market immaturity, relatively lower liquidity, unclear regulations, and high speculation.

At Ryze, we are democratizing access to great crypto investment products. We talked to hundreds of crypto investors to identify their problems with investing in crypto. We’ve set out to simplify investing in crypto, and we are focusing on three main pain points:

Education: The current lack of educational resources in the crypto space is one of the biggest barriers to adoption. At Ryze, we hope to help everyone learn about Bitcoin and blockchain in the simplest terms

Exchanges: Managing exchange accounts, safely deploying capital, and avoiding hidden fees are just a few issues that an overwhelming number of people are experiencing. Instead of using 4 different accounts with several addresses, Ryze does everything for you in one place.

Volatility: Ryze dampens volatility and reduces downside risk. With our algorithms are managing your Bitcoin investment, you no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night to execute a trade. Our systems are constantly watching the market, so that you don’t have to.

How does Ryze work?

Ryze is your one-stop-shop for all things crypto. We developed a Smart Crypto Investment Manager that uses real-time market data to identify trends and make investments. Ryze manages your investment in Bitcoin so that you don’t have to.

All you have to do is fund your account and track your portfolio over time. We will also have educational resources, market data, and news all in one place for our users. Whether you’re a crypto veteran or just hearing about crypto, Ryze has you covered.

  • Automated Investing: Ryze uses active, automated trading strategies to buy and sell Bitcoin according to specific market conditions. Instead of relying on your paid group leader or copy-trading Twitter influencers, you can simply set up Ryze on your Coinbase Pro account, and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Dashboard: Our dashboard will keep you up to date on everything crypto. From your portfolio balance, past history, current allocation to news, market data and educational resources to learn what makes crypto great

The safety of your investments are our biggest priority. We use industry standard best practices to ensure the security of your assets. Ryze never has custody of your money or assets, nor do we store your personal login information. Your money can never be transferred to or from your exchange account by Ryze. All API keys and sensitive personal information are encrypted.

Click here to sign up with Ryze and start automating your investment in Bitcoin today.

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