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Fusion’s EZ Swap gateway is back up and running!

EZ Swap has been enhanced with additional measures to prevent the thief from participating in the swap. Should Fusion detect suspicious transactions through these measures, there may be a delay of up to 7 days for a swap to clear. In such situations, the Foundation will promptly notify the community to expect slower clearing times.

Exchanges continue to make progress on adopting Fusion’s MainNet token and we are also looking for further long-term solutions to neutralize thief’s ability to ever monetize his or her stolen ERC-20 Fusion tokens.

The steps required to execute token swap have not changed from a user perspective. However Fusion is using a new token swap address that can be found at www.fusion.org.

Please find extended instructions on how to execute token swap in the document below:


Important Tips

– DONT send ERC20 FSN to the Token Swap address directly from an exchange account. This may result in permanent loss of funds.

– ONLY use the Token Swap address that will be available on www.fusion.org. BEWARE of phishing.

– Read this document CAREFULLY before executing Token Swap. https://medium.com/@fusionprotocol/token-swap-how-to-obtain-native-mainnet-fsn-coins-dc5658fc1ceb?postPublishedType=repub

– There is no requirement to execute Token Swap in the short term. There is no urgency. DO NOT RUSH the process. Read the instructions carefully.

– NO admin or team member will send you the Token Swap address directly. Once again, ONLY use the Token Swap address that will be available on www.fusion.org.

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