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Starting today, we’ve unleashed a small but mighty feature in our quest to make Parjar simple to use for everyone.

Today most people think in dollars and cents. Whether or not I’m sending a friend crypto on ParJar, or buying a skinny double foam Pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks with Bitcoin(yum), we still live in a world where crypto is converted to cash when we’re sorting it out in our head.

A few months ago ParJar launched a neat little feature that let people see values of crypto at will. Today, we’re taking that same idea and going one step further. It’s as simple as /tip 5 usd par.

/tip (amount in dollars) (type of dollar) (type of currency)

This features lets people send crypto to anyone in a way they understand. Send someone a dollar amount of any cryptocurrency you have in your parjar. It’s easy, quick, and does the number crunching behind the scenes — letting you rip tips without having to stop and figure out the math.

This additional option for sending crypto is pretty similar to the way your already familiar with. You can use different types of dollars to pay in such as USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, PLN, and RUB. On the crypto side you can pull from your balances of any of the 55+ cryptocurrencies in ParJar.

To send a tip to someone in dollars follow this guide:

/tip (amount in dollars) (type of dollar) (type of cryptocurrency)

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