How to Fix Bitcoin Error Reading From Database Shutting Down?

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The error code is generally seen when the files are corrupted and by reindexing all the files and folders you can fix the error codes seen while reading the database. Although you can delete chainstate folder to avoid any such kind of error and after deleting start process of indexing if still the error appears there may be an hardware error.

The bitcoin error reading from database shutting down may be due to compatibility issue after updating your application or software and in that case only thing help is updating software and in result you will receive input/output error or access denied.

Step 1: Open command prompt and right click to run as administrator option.

Step 2: Now type command bitcoin-qt.exe -reindex -rescan and press enter to execute the command.

Step 3: If you are not able to run the command then you need to type cd followed by destination folder.

Step 4: Use Cd folder name to reach last destination folder and now repeat step1 to reindex the existing files.

Step 5: Now you will encounter crash at the bottom of the debug file will provide the error of memory allocation in app data folder.

Step 6: If you are using earlier version of windows like XP and the ram is below 4 gb then there is not enough memory space.

Step 1: Press start button and click on windows administrator tools.

Step 2: Now select memory diagnostics option and select free up ram by defragging the ram.

Step 3: If after doing that still you are getting more than 2 gb of ram used by other applications then upgrade the ram installed in your system.

Step 4: But if you have upgraded the system to a newer one then you need to copy old files and transfer it to the newer system.

Step 1: Now execute step1 of method one or in new machine copy files to destination folder.

Step 2: Now restart the system to commands take action and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Step 3: If still you are facing the issue you are required to call our toll free to get connected with bitcoin support phone number.

If after following all the steps explained by the team of experts you are still facing issues while working with bitcoin cryptocurrency then you need to call toll free 1844–517–3111 to get round the clock assistance. Here Bitcoin Customer service is working by testing software’s in idle conditions to fix the issues faced by various customers. Source

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