psychological warfare, neurolinguistics, and propaganda

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I was military intelligence, 35F3O. However, by function, there were many of us that should have been indoctrinated via a welcome brief, given a class by MOS, or read on to what is the nature of psychological warfare. We were not.

I can argue that everyone in the military should have gotten the brief because we’d need to know the ‘signs and symptoms’ of a psychological attack. No one was briefed. Ok, let’s call it MOS specific. Why are the military intelligence MOSs not briefed? I was in a BN S2 shop and my whole battalion staff wasn’t aware of what a psychological attack was, what equipment and vectors would clue us in to an attack, and what we’d look like in that case, to deploy countermeasures. None of it. Can anyone explain this? Am I to assume the entirety of psychological warfare is to be denoted by the presence of leaflets claiming an imminent artillery barrage, should I not surrender? I’m an American so this doesn’t happen to us because air superiority?

All warfare is based on deception. Deception is not just a philosophy, it’s a methodology. Therefore, it’s not just deception you must watch out for but anything that looks like it. Therefore: psychological warfare is any deception, misperception/delusion, or ignorance that yields a failing method. (especially a failing method that can be exploited by someone else)
-I may induce this failed method to my opponent via a deception.
-My opponent may intentionally execute a failed method for reason I cannot perceive.
-My opponent may be incompetent, ignorant, and/or incapable of dealing with this enterprise.
It really doesn’t matter why you are failing, to you. I win and failing sucks. If I’m trying to leverage my success on your failure, I may do so in a known or unknown and/or recognized or unrecognized manner to you. If you’re fooled or an amateur, you fail. If you’re clueless, you fail. Everything you don’t know is a secret. Ouch.

Why were we never told this? Because everyone does it to everyone else, all the time, that’s why. The military procedure cuts through all the baseline elements of psychological warfare. You will be given the place, the paperwork, the time, and the state of not-living-in-that-confusion. The baseline system prevents that chaotic mind set through standardization of enterprise practices. I’ll also add that it’s used against us, for the benefit of those who benefit from war.

However, there’s more. We also weren’t told because the nature of the enterprise, human, is disorganized. In economics, it’s called the coordination problem. Well, the military members have a streamlined life due to that standardization but then take so many elements on faith that we end up tools in a system, looking for answers with baseline biases that make root cause analysis very unlikely, if not a suicidal endeavor. The rest of the non-corporatized humans do everything the hard way and have no real idea what streamlined ‘Jetson life’ looks like.
The language in the military is standardized; the language in the civilian world is industry-specific, at best. I will venture an accusation, language is intentionally vague to disintermediate real communication. George Carlin noted this in the 70s. Well, ‘legalese’ always has language that doesn’t correspond to reality or the other industries that are supposed to me ‘regulated’. This is the language that is currently coordinating the enterprise known as America circa 2019.

All that to explain this: Our language is a weapon, if used in that way. If used poorly, it looks like an amateur or a child with a weapon. Intent is not relevant. Emotional connection to the words only harms your perception of what was said. You may believe otherwise, if you like. The nature of this enterprise has us all boxed in. Welcome to Earth.

But wait, there’s more! So far, we’re looking at how ignorance and deception, via methods, will cause failure. Also, lies or unusable communications will cause failure. What’d we miss? Tone and movements.
Those numbers say 55% body, 38% tone, and 7% verbiage. Body language will be 100% disregarded for the following reason: it’s 2019. This is not needed. If you cannot figure out how to communicate without visually seeing the other party, you’re not going far in life, Flintstone. Best of luck to you.
The amount of information one gets via tone is ~7x over the verbiage but the ONLY reliable communication tool we carry around with us is the verbiage, our shared language which we don’t all share. At 6 am, you have a 7% chance today will work out. This is why we want to stay in bed, the rational odds of the day.

Is the claim that we’re all practicing psychological warfare on each other unfounded? Definitely not. What’s the cure? Science. Validating your way out of a flash bang or a violence-induced concussion is the process of post-violence stabilization. Validating your information is that same process, post-information session. Military science is just validating the enterprise environment factors(EEFs) and creating a plan, using abductive reasoning and resources.
‘Emotional validation’ is not a thing, but it makes you feel better so you think it’s a thing. Emotions are not validated; they are an individual event and subjective. I cannot validate your emotions, nor mine. I can measure electrical stimuli. That stimuli can be external, as I poke you and ask for samples of your essence, or internal, which you create and I can measure but cannot validate. While you did register ‘feeling’ according to the test equipment, why and or how you generated this stimuli is not validatable because you can lie and I cannot test the root cause. “Emotional validation’, ‘critical theory’, ‘stable coin’, and ‘liberty tax’ are all terms that are obviously deceptive or not.
-Critical theory is an ideology; critical thinking is a skill. Critical thinking is not used in critical theory. Go figure.
-Stable coins are blockchain-based coins pegged to a fiat currency. Fiat currency is not stable, as all fiat currency is not an actual unit of measure in any scientific way; unstable units of measure pegged to blockchain coins = stable because propaganda.
-Taxation is not liberty; it’s the explicit or tacit understanding that a portion of your productivity/life belogs to someone else by mechanic; totally not fractional-reserve slavery and don’t look behind the curtain.

Validation can be super refined or good-enough. The real issue is this: you have 7% to work with. You have to know where you are starting. You cannot rely on people you cannot see for 55% of the total information they have. You cannot rely on the tone of another human because they may be suffering from any symptom of psychological warfare or my be intentionally deceiving you with tone. So, at best, other humans will give you 7% of information you can use, with 38% more if their tone is decipherable and truthful. Applying this rubric, you’ll learn to appreciate honest humans very quickly.

This is the best explanation of psychological warfare that I know of. To that end, it’s what I see humans practice, every day. I’d love to discuss it with anyone who feels qualified. The concept is very basic but it has profound implications on your day to day communications with others, as we all try to solve our own coordination problems.

Because the ball never stops bouncing on Earth, you now get to add 2 concepts to the above: neurolinguistics and propaganda. Neurolinguistics is centered around the tonality and the use of the tone and language in total; a mastery of the 45% of communication that’s not seen. Propaganda will be considered negative, while it’s original context is just ‘to propagate’ information. To further limit the discussion, we’ll keep it to the ways these things are used against you.

Propaganda can come in text, speech, or both. Politicians, lawyers, magicians, and priests all use the same methods in their perspective venues. You believe that which is not seen for a fee and sensory experience. When you start to realize how may ways there are to deceive someone with the full experience, you may get a giggle out of it. It seems that ancient peoples called this ‘white magic’ or ‘enchantment’. I wish I was kidding. Wizardry is the art of bullshit. How much have we learned since the Dark Ages or are we still in them?

To avoid propaganda, you must first avoid or train to deal with ‘the show’. ‘The show’ is the full sensory onslaught. Bernie Sanders with voice, hands, and teleprompter has the visual, auditory, and intellectual processes engaged in socialist propaganda. His methods do not pan out but he can captivate audiences, regardless of his conviction to anything he’s saying. He may be lying or not: the show requires validation of the EEFs and his methods, nothing else.
Removing visuals is easy. Removing tone is difficult. Children and child-like people use a pleading tone, to elicit their desires regardless of their words. Tonality is used to abuse people and everyone should be aware of it. Soft bullying someone with tone and mannerisms is very easy to do in 2019.

To validate all of this, you must strip it all down to the words and work from there. That human said X; you validate X. The end. Assessments of EEFs and claims, not beliefs or judgments until assessments are valid and complete. There’s lots of ways to fail. Fallacies, ignorance, and bad information are everywhere. you have to do all the work, no excuses.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Neurolinguistics is a science. Your primate brain has tones it likes and doesn’t; some are learned and some are inherent. This is the most dangerous playground for another human. They have a ~7x advantage here to get you with the tone, if the words alone wouldn’t work. If this wasn’t an issue, dating would be a lot easier.

The use of inherently comfortable tones with deceptive language is the politician/attorney life. The difference between definition 1 and definition 2 is how these people arbitrage their lives from the humans around them. It’s not to say that intricate contract and arbitration doesn’t happen without a mandatory statue system. It’s to say these humans have convinced everyone that other human pensions are mandatory, lest civilization fall apart. That’s false but the organization that humans recognize as valid and positive is where the parasitism is most easily hidden with nonsense language.

Why am I writing this?
All of this information can be used in your own life.
Anti-fraud is always a good thing.
Do I need another reason?

The fraud you and I deal with now is primarily due to our own ignorance. When that ignorance becomes a ‘political debate’, we’re all paying for the pensions of strangers because we aren’t allowed to say no and don’t know how-to otherwise. It’s time to stop putting up information toll booths and it’s time where a simple ‘no’ should suffice.

The single worst part of rampant use of psychological warfare is the loss of honesty in the communications. All warfare is based on deception. That’s certainly being used against you. Are you trying to not be misunderstood? Are you being understood? Only honest people ever find out how hard communication really is.

Donnie Gebert is a former military intelligence analyst who served in the US Army and Navy.

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