Refer New Users to Earn Origin Tokens and Cash Prizes!

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We first started Origin Rewards to offer our community the chance to become token holders alongside our core team and investors. This is important to us as the Origin token (OGN) plays an integral role in our platform and allows users to promote the health and growth of our network.

For the next 10 days, we are excited to announce a special referral program that lets you earn extra OGN and gives you a chance to earn cash prizes.

Origin November Referral Special

Event Period: Nov 19, 2019 6PM PST — Nov 29, 2019 6PM PST

Two simple steps to start earning OGN:

1. Invite a friend to create an Origin profile

2. Ensure the referred friend downloads the Origin Marketplace app and completes at least 3 social account verifications (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc).

This month, you will earn 50 OGN per successful referral (referred friend downloads the app and completes 3 social account verifications per above). There is no limitation on the number of referrals, so invite as many of your friends as you would like.

Your friend will also earn 100 OGN for downloading our app and completing their social account verifications.

Cash Prize for the Referral Event

In addition, we will be rewarding cash prizes for the top three referrers in this campaign.

1st Place (Most number of referrals): $1,500 USD

2nd Place: $1,000 USD

3rd Place: $500 USD

(The prize will be delivered in DAI stablecoin)

Winners will be announced and paid out in early December.

Terms and Conditions

Origin Rewards is currently available in most countries in the world. One notable exception is the United States and countries which are currently under U.S. sanctions like North Korea and Cuba. These restrictions go against our ideals and we’re truly sorry for anyone who is unable to participate as a result.

Please note that if any user engages in fraudulent behavior such as creating duplicate accounts, their account will be banned and the user will no longer be able to participate in Origin Rewards.

Participate in our November Origin Rewards campaign today and earn free OGN & cash prizes!

Learn more about Origin:

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