Soraix, Modern Capital Market Based on Blockchain Technology

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Of course, to start a business or business certainly requires capital and have a high determination, which amount of capital to be used depends on the type of business to be established. However, many business people who want to build certain businesses still have a lack of capital, whereas if they carry out various forms of loans in financial institutions, they will often suffer if they do not have adequate income or guarantees that can guarantee if the loan cannot be repaid . So the business people must think of other ways to obtain a number of funds that will be used to build the business. In the age of increasingly sophisticated technology, of course, business people have many ways to be able to obtain a number of funds, which can be obtained by joining the stock exchange and investing in certain companies by buying shares that have been published on the stock exchange.

Where if the invested shares of the company get a profit, then automatically the investor will also get a large profit, when compared with the amount of value that has been invested. However, if the company concerned loses, then the investors will also be affected by the loss, which investors will lose the value that has been invested as a whole. Of course, now with all the technological sophistication, investors hope to join the company that provides the same services as the stock exchange, but with a lower risk. Where this service can now be enjoyed on the Soraix platform, which is one of the digital stock exchanges that can provide services to investors with high returns and very low risk.

Soraix is ​​one of the Blockchain technology platforms that is listed as a medium that provides digital stock exchange services, through which the Soraix platform companies of all sizes can issue digital equity with low issuance costs. So that this can certainly make the companies — companies that still have a low amount of profitability can issue equity and get additional capital from investors, which funds will be used to improve and develop these companies. In addition, Soraix will also accept a variety of common currencies and have high exchange rates such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Monero. Where the platform intentionally uses the currency, so that the equity of companies that have been registered on the Soraix platform can be widely traded and will get investors more easily.

As a platform that uses basic technology based on Blockchain, of course, the Soraix platform is safe to be used as a platform for investors to make various forms of investment, which as we know that, Blockchain technology platform has been equipped with a sophisticated security system, so that every transaction that is conducted by users are transparent and have very little chance of getting attacks from hackers. Where with the transparent system, the Soraix stock exchange cannot be played by black market players as happened in traditional stock exchanges. In addition, the Soraix platform is also a platform established in Switzerland, precisely in the city of Zug, which is a country known for its strong financial security system. In addition the country also has sophisticated technology to maintain financial security owned by them, through which the hackers cannot steal money from financial institutions in the country.

In addition, the Soraix platform also has its own currency, which has been symbolized by SRX, which at present SRX has a value of 0,00025 ETH. Not only that, the platform also has a total supply of 1 billion tokens of SRX tokens, of which most of the tokens will be allocated to crowfund around 600 million SRX tokens. Where crowfunding is done to get additional capital so that the Soraix platform can develop its platforms and projects to be more perfect and can be used by the community and the Soraix platform will do crowfunding using the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) method by selling tokens to investors by offering prices which is relatively cheap.

Having a transparent stock market will certainly make investors able to oversee all transactions made by other investors. Therefore, it can be said that the Soraix platform, is a platform that can provide effective stock exchange services and avoids the risk of losing investment value for investors.


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