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There are various studies that prove that many office workers have good quality productivity after going on vacation, even though this also has an effect if their work time is reduced. Did you know that every human being must live a life according to their individual needs, at times we will work so hard to achieve a certain target, and sometimes we also need time to enjoy the results of the hard work. Therefore this will be very appropriate if we balance with vacation activities or visiting various existing tourist destinations, which we can do by empowering Astra as an application that provides vacation services.

In this world there are various demands of society and markets that continue to pursue us to be more perfect, this of course also applies in doing business. Therefore we need people with a background in the quality of qualified human resources and also multi talented. But do you know how much someone’s dedication to a field, of course, must also be balanced with all spiritual needs such as holidays. Did you know that in addition to intelligence, in fact humans are also blessed with boredom, which when this happens, then automatically the level of productivity will decrease. Nowadays many people think that a vacation can only be satisfied if we visit places that are expensive and famous, but along with the times, the meaning is a little shifted. Where you can take a vacation to places that make your soul calm and also leave no burden when you have spent it. For example, if you only have the ability to take a vacation with natural tourism destination located in the country, then do it. By using Astra, of course you can see a variety of interesting reviews shared by other account users. This is of course because each tourism destination has its own uniqueness, which is also difficult for us to be able to value specifically with certain rating parameters.

In this world there are various beautiful natural panoramas, which of course is very interesting if we share it to all people who live in various parts of the world, right ?. Therefore as a platform or application that provides the most complete tour packages. Astra also provides space or a place to share beautiful moments related to activities during the holidays. Besides these moments we can also monetize, if the post gets a positive response or response. This of course can be the main attraction for other potential users. In fact, did you know that the container is also equipped with all security features that can detect the level of authenticity of the picture. Therefore, with this facility, you do not need to worry if you see various Astra comments that provide tourism services such as airplane tickets, hotels, restaurants and others. This is done because for Astra the trust of visitors is the main thing and principle that must always be upheld and applied.

As we know that the decentralization and encryption contained in Blockchain technology are the two main things that are always made an excuse for users and technology scientists to integrate it. As a modern economic being who is very familiar and even literate with technology. It is not impossible, if for just a vacation, we certainly use applications that have Blockchain technology with high access speeds. Just like Astra, where there are various important tasks that can be performed optimally if the platform actively utilizes Blockchain technology. For example, such as the task to detect the authenticity of the content that is shared or posted, serve customers in purchasing products or vacation service packages, and to deal with a variety of existing financial transactions, both gifts intended for content and holiday package purchases. Besides that did you know that in 1 year, of course there are favorite months that are made by many people as a time for holidays. If this happens then surely the service or system of a tourist destination service application will be very full of queues. Therefore Blockchain technology exists to optimize or become the main solution of all existing business problems.

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