SiriusX, the Most Reliable Blockchain Technology Travel Facilitator

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Of course, living in an era of technological sophistication will bring the community to a negative or positive impact, which of course is highly dependent on how people use the technology. Where the positive impact of this technology is to make it easier for people to do various things, one of which is to provide convenience to the financial transaction system that has been developed into various functions such as flight ticket reservations and other needs needed when people are on holiday trips. So that with the presence of a variety of sophisticated applications, it will make people able to transact by simply installing the application and pressing the command button available. This will certainly make people’s time more efficient, where people no longer need to spend time waiting in line at certain financial institutions such as banks, just to make a transaction.

In addition, the negative impact presented by the ease of the technology is that many technology activists have misapplied the knowledge they have, in which the technology activists are attacking certain applications to steal data and a number of funds that have been transferred by the users of the application service. Where this will certainly make the community a victim of criminal acts committed by the elements — irresponsible, which for example, many hackers who claim to be a travel agent for certain applications and offer cheap airplane tickets to attract public interest. Then after the community transfers a sum of money, the person will disappear and cannot be contacted, which is one of the causes of the fraud is the lack of information obtained by the community. Therefore the latest technology is needed that can provide full security to users, as provided by the SiriusX platform.

Where SiriusX is a Blockchain technology platform that provides reliable tourism and social media services and provides full security to users. Where the platform will provide various forms of offers desired by users, such as booking hotels, flights, cruises, bus tickets, and important events organized by countries in any part of the world. In addition, SiriusX will also provide various offers using very low transaction costs, can be done easily and has fast service access.

Not only that, SiriusX has also issued a SiriusX debit card, which card can be operated as a transaction tool that can make it easier for users to make payment transactions. Where by using the SiriusX card, users can make payments using crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. In addition, by using the card service users can also make transactions anywhere and anytime, of course by connecting the card to a mobile application such as the SiriusX Wallet, where users can connect the SiriusX card by scanning the QR code to the SiriusX Wallet, in addition users can also use other digital wallets, which of course also support ERC-20 utility tokens such as Trustmask, MyEtherWallet and so on.

Then, the SiriusX platform also provides social media services that can be used by users as a medium to find the required tourist information, which information can be obtained by looking at references uploaded by other users. In addition, users can also upload important moments about the user’s journey through the SiriusX blog feature provided by the platform. If the content uploaded on the SiriusX platform gets lots of likes, comments and shares, then the user will automatically get a gift in the form of SRX tokens from SiriusX.

On the other hand, the SiriusX platform has also collaborated with various large industries, such as, HYATT, Fly Emirates, Advisor, Agoda, Aida, Expedia, Warnerleisurehotels and several others. Therefore, it can be said that the SiriusX platform is a platform that can provide various kinds of information about travel, where with the complete information, it is certainly expected that the percentage of fraud that occurs in the community will decrease. In addition, the platform will also provide the most complete service at an affordable price and adequate facilities, so that it will make the public able to fully enjoy the services provided by the SiriusX platform.



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