The Most Advanced Communication Tool with Blockchain Technology [Function X]

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The sophistication of technology and the ease of accessing internet services today, of course, have had various impacts on people’s lives today, where one of these impacts is the negative impact arising from hackers, which is increasingly disturbing the public. Where with the convenience of the hackers certainly looking for various ways to conduct various experiments in order to give birth to the latest technological innovations and misuse the application, such as hacking and stealing privacy data, the majority of which are internet service users.

Currently, there are many applications that work to hack other people’s smartphones, which hacking can be done easily. Where the hacker only needs to enter a special code relating to the target operation, which to obtain the code the hackers only need to send a link, and if the target hackers open the link successfully, then the code will automatically be directly obtained by the hackers. Then the hackers can also operate the code to tap and get the information needed. Of course, to anticipate this, the public certainly needs a sophisticated smartphone that can provide full security and can detect if there is information from hackers who will conduct a fraud attempt. Where smartphones and services can be enjoyed via the Function X platform.

Function X is one of the Blockchain technology platforms that is noted to provide sophisticated Blockchain smartphones, where the platform has released products that can be enjoyed and in physical form. Not only that, the platform has previously released several sophisticated products that will be marketed to the public, which include Block On Blok (BOB). Where BOB is the first product released by the Function X platform, which has various advantages, one of the advantages is that the smartphone can be designed according to the tastes of the users. Of course this can attract the interest of users, which many users feel bored when using a smartphone product with the exact same shape as other users.

In addition, the product will also use f (x) OS, which has different advantages from the OS in general, such as it can be used with dual mode namely Blockchain and Android, so that it can make it easier for users to change the desired mode easily. Then the users also do not need to worry about security on the smartphone, which by activating the Blockchain mode contained on the smartphone, the user’s data will automatically be encrypted and safe. Not only that, the OS can also be used without a centralized service provider to call, send messages and access internet services.

Platform Function X will also release F (x) OS as an Open Source OS after sending BOB to all users. Where Open Source is a development system that is not coordinated by a central company, which means that BOB users can develop BOB smartphones in accordance with the wishes of the users. Where the development can be done when BOB users access the hardware contained on the smartphone. In addition, users can also download, modify and print 3D parts to create their own innovations using all BOB hardware design rendering files. Not only that, Function X also hopes that BOB users can give birth to the latest innovations, which innovations can be exchanged and traded on the platform.

If users are interested in using the high-tech smartphone, users are required to place an order using the pre-order method. Where the order can be made through Kickstrater and X Wallet, in addition, to be able to transact, users are also required to use the coin F (x) token from Function X. Where the token is a valid token and can be used as a transaction tool to get services or products from Function X.

As a platform that provides advanced technology such as smartphones, the Function X platform certainly has quality human resources. Where in the absence of quality resources, it will be very unlikely that platforms that provide quality services can stand up and become the target of users.

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