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The number of tourists visiting a country is increasing every year. It was influenced by tourist destinations found in the country. The tourism sector has become an industry that has the potential for rapid progress in the future. This sector provides a strong appeal to be explored and enjoyed so it is not surprising that many human populations are targeting this industry. Along with the advancement of the tourism sector which provides a very good impact for business people in meeting their financial coffers. Thanks to the rapid progress in this sector, it makes an impetus for business people to give birth to various platforms that can be used in accessing various tourism services.

One platform that can be used as access media for booking a travel service is SiriusX. This platform is a marketing product that provides a variety of travel services including transportation services and lodging services with a fairly wide range. This platform has hooked a number of cooperation partners such as, Hyatt, Fly Emirates, Trip Advisor, Agoda, and Warner Leisure Hotels. These names are high-quality travel sites and have been recognized by the world as the best service provider.

SiriusX is a platform that uses the latest technology called Blockchain. This technology is a new breakthrough that has super reliability and is excellent in its class. This technology uses a number of reliable systems called decentralization and encryption. With the decentralized system used in SiriusX, every SiriusX client gets full access control over the user data they have. The data stored here will not be manipulated by anyone including government agencies and even internet service providers. While the encryption system contained on this platform allows all client data stored on this platform to be optimally protected with a high level of security.

On this platform, a client can use their crypto and fiat currencies as a means of financial payment transactions for booking travel services that they have done on this platform. This happens thanks to the Blockchain technology system that has been embedded on this platform.

Users who have joined the application will be given various prizes in the form of SiriusX tokens (SRX). The prizes are obtained from the results of their transactions with travel services that they have used. In addition, the prize can also be obtained from the results of interesting reviews on a number of travel services they have used. Due to its utility, a number of SiriusX tokens that have been obtained from this platform can be used again as a transaction tool for booking further travel services through this platform. SiriusX guarantees the cost savings of ordering transactions that will be carried out through this platform and will make the most accurate data from a site that is accessed.

Each SiriusX client will be given a credit card that can be used as a storage medium for all finances owned by someone. Not only that, this card can also be used as a tool for cash withdrawals at various ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) available. A person can make anonymous transactions instantly using this card. In addition, the access process provided by this card is also faster compared to a banking institution. In order to maintain security, this card has also been equipped with a number of certain pins that can only be accessed by the owner personally.

Aside from being a marketing platform for travel services, SiriusX can also be used as a social networking media where users are free to post any moment or travel photo content they have done and share it with all other SiriusX users spread all over the world. The user is free to determine which profiles he will use as an image of themselves on this platform. Here, users also have the opportunity to get prizes from every content they post if the content successfully gets the attention of the user community on this platform. With the well-integrated SiriusX social network, it gives each user the opportunity to meet people who agree with them from various parts of the world.

In addition to the above advantages, SiriusX has prepared various other attractive offers that support the maximization of performance from this platform. Seeing so many interesting offers that have been displayed, it is appropriate that SiriusX is said to be a platform with super functional quality. This platform can be accessed through



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