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When you think of trading, what comes to mind is that you need to be looking at charts and your computer constantly, manually buying and selling when you think the time is right. This can definitely be exhausting and tedious.

BUT this “job”” has been automated in a great way: computers can perform thousands of calculations much faster than you or I, and use algorithms based on real time data to predict cryptocurrency price strategies.

By investing in a crypto trading bot, you can have something automatically buying and selling at the right time based on thousands of data points instead of having to manually guess or look at a screen 24 hours a day. The bot will do the trading for you. I will list the top 5 auto trading systems, starting with what I consider the best, in descending order. Make sure this is a scam-free list.


Auto trading bitcoing and altcoins trader

Cryptohopper is one of the most well-known crypto trading bot profit softwares and popular cryptocurrency trading bots on the market at this moment. Cryptohopper trades all available coins simultaneously, keeping track of their exact prices and selling as soon as they hit the target profit.

It is just not possible for a person to track and apply real time data as fast as an auto-trader can. Automated trading allows you to trade 24/7 days, 365 days a year.

Scalping trading

Crypto hopper trades are ruled by what is know as scalping: high frequency trading to take advantage of small movements in underlying assets. Scan up to 75 coins at the same time and sell them when they hit a profit of as little as 0.8%. This would not be worth it when you trade manually, but can lead to big gains with Cryptohopper.


Triggers: respond to rise and fall of bitcoin and acts on early signs of bear markets.

Short selling: Short selling your declining coins, and buying them back at their price floor at the end of the bear market.

Dollar cost averaging: Reduce your heaviest bags with DCA when they hit their price floor.

Cryptohopper is connected to 9 major cryptocurrencies exchanges like Binance, Poloniex, Bitrex, and more.

How to make a million with cryptocurrency
  • What I like of Cryptohopper is that it operates as a web-based solution, so theres is no need to download any software.
  • Customer support: the platform incorporates a support team that is available to deal with any issues.
  • External Signals: platform has built in the option to subscribe to external signals. You can check the track record of this signals providers to make sure you are subcribing with the best.
  • Sign up process is very straightforward, just complete the sign up form, confirm your email, and you are ready to follow the easy Setup Wizard before accesing your dashboard with all the functionalities. The dashboard is aimed to newbies, trying not to over complicate the trading settings before starting to invest and making profit.

Cryptohpper pricing

A free trial offer is available, so you can get familiar with platform interface. After trial is over, they have three available plans starting at $19. Just see for yourself:

How to make a million dollars with cryptocurrency!

Verdict: can you make a million with cryptocurrency using Cryptohopper?

Algorithmic trading bot it is easy to configure and use and suits newer traders as well as more experienced practitioners. Making a million will depend on your initial investment.

Estimated maximum return: if risk-management is the addecuate (never risking more than 0,5% per trade), you can make all between 3 to 15% monthly.

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