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Every year the art industry descends on Miami for Art Basel. But this year there is something different in the air, something special. The emergence of digital art is everywhere across multiple shows. One of the most anticipated events is the Art x Tech show and KnownOrigin will be exhibiting.

Blockchain Center Miami and Bits And Tokens are pleased to announce Art x Tech, a one of a kind immersive art experience that will premiere at the 18th edition of the Art Basel week.

Eryka Gemma, Bitcoin Center Miami, Chief Executive Officer, said: ‘We are
extremely excited to introduce Art X Tech to our upcoming Art Basel show this
December. The traditional art scene does not account for the immense
collaborations happening between tech and art. This event focuses on
highlighting work from tech companies, creatives, and change-makers. We’re
highlighting innovation in the art industry that is often ignored although it
has the largest consumer potential. – this initiative heralds an exciting new
chapter for The Blockchain Community in Miami.

Curated by ATO Gallery and multiple independent blockchain artists, Art x Tech will exhibit artists from around the world presenting acclaimed works in various mediums such as painting, sculpture, sustainable installations, live performances, and film and video projections.

The collection

KnownOrigin will be showcasing at the ‘Art x Tech’ event at the blockchain centre in Miami. The collection will show works by acclaimed digital artists miss al simpson, Norman Harman, Abysms, Yura Miron, XCOPY, Gary Cartlidge, hackatao, Jose Blanco Perales, WGMeets, RobnessロブネスCyberpop, Mattia Cuttini and Voke

(View full collection at the event)

The Art x tech event is focused on VR/ AR , digital, traditional art, live performances, art classes and key speakers. The event has be supported Bits And Tokens & will take place a the The Blockchain Center Miami. KnownOrigin will be part of the main gallery where you can Immerse yourself in a mixed reality where there are no limitations to creativity physically or digitally.

About Bits and Tokens

Bits And Tokens is South Florida‘s fastest-growing media company and the
premier content creation team for some of your favorite crypto influencers and blockchain companies. A team of three, “BNT”, as their friends and colleagues call them, delivers the highest quality video, print, and virtual reality experiences possible by leveraging existing and emerging technologies. BNT also hosts events and conferences in the blockchain space, with a focus on education and collaboration between event-goers and presenters.
To learn more about Bits and Tokens visit

All the KnownOrigin artworks on display will be available to purchase via a QR code. Simply use your smart phone camera to read the QR and view the details for each artwork.

Tue, Dec 3, 2019, 10:00 AM — Fri, Dec 6, 2019, 11:00 PM EST

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Blockchain Center
21 SE 1st AVE
3rd Floor
Miami, FL 33131
United States
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Come join the telegram group and chat with other collectors and artists alike or follow us on twitter @KnownOrigin_io for more updates and collaborations.

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