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BlockBuilds Token funding; investors

BlockBuild Token (BBT) fund is a division of RBE COIN responsible for working with the construction company. The BBT fund finances projects which increase the overall capitalization of investors.

Our duties.

• Make investment decisions

• Effective, transparent and auditable operations

• Ensure ecosystem security and prevent unforeseen situations

• Development of a plan for more exceptional ecosystem performance

In the early stages. The fund’s portfolio will consist of growing real estate funds in Latin America; there will be real estate at an early stage of construction.

We have determined the structure of the portfolio by the administrator of this, and must comply with the following rules:

a) Tokenized the assets, and it must be open to investors

b) Fix the income or correct the loss of the asset in case of exceeding the established limit.

c) Additional construction evaluation to review future growth objectives and make investment decisions accordingly.

For example:

1) The investor sends 200 ETH

2) BBT issue 300.000 BBT Token (by default, 1ETH = 1.500 BBT Tokens).

3) The project is coming. Experts estimate the cost of your token. Let’s suppose that we estimate 20% of everything (project tokens) at 200 ETH of the portfolio, so 200 ETH are issued in exchange for 20% of the “tokens of the project.”

4) After one year, the cost of the “project’s tokens” increases by an average of 50% that is 20% “project tokens” = 300 ETH

5) Therefore, after one year 300.000 BBT = 300 ETH

Investors will invest with cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC), or with their local currency, and the exchange will rate to the dollar. The inversion can be done with debit or credit card, also bank transfer in the RBE portfolio. Investors have their investment fixed in US dollars. Investors receive our “Wallet tokens” (BBT fund), minus the commission. The investor has the right to change BBT tokens at any time.

Investors will use the Wallets to invest in the preparation and realization of the tokenization of investment projects. Projects receive investment from the wallet in exchange for tokens that enter the portfolio.

Investors can work their investment through the website platform or mobile App.


The diversification of the funds will be under the following rules:

• 70% fund for the construction of the project selected by votes from our investors.

• 30% goes to the operating fund of the project.

For our next article, we will discuss the construction companies’ role intensely for this project that is BlockBuild, the benefits and how the investment made from our investors works on their projects.

See you next time.

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