GAME of CRYPTOS — Chapter 7 — Merlin’s Crystal Ball

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“Earth is moving towards less Authoritarian social organizations.
But freedom is scary for most, they don’t fully own their lives, and the new decentralized structures are not ready yet.
So big changes will take time.
However many structures are weak, and a breaking point can happen any time.
Get ready now.

Most population is still very much dependent on the old structures as to accept the changes coming.
Do not be like them.
Do not rely on old structures, or you will suffer.
Do not resist changes, or you will suffer.
Go, step by step, on the direction of decentralization.
Be your own man, join a community of fellow thinkers.
Be in control of your life and resources.

The Beast (the State) is going to starve. Do not feed it. Let it die.
Vultures with plenty of financial resources are awaiting for the feast of a death State. They will acquire as much as they can from the old structures.
But before that there is suffering.
The starving Beast will devour many of it’s children.
Social chaos is approaching. Authoritarianism will grow.
Be independent, be sovereign, be ready.

Get rid of debt.
Search of reliable and sovereign ways to keep your wealth safe.

Get rid of media disinformation.
Search for independent thinkers.

Get rid of energy and food dependency.

Merlin stopped for a moment, looked at the Crypto Knights and then stared again deep into the Ball.

“For many years information has been available about what is really happening in the world.
Most do not want to hear.
People will be faced with reality either they want it or not.

This is called the information era.
Power struggle will be more and more over your mind, not over land.
Crave for quality information, think by yourself, get to the source.

On this new society everything is up to you.
You will need adaptability, initiative and resilience.

Survival will be the new reality for many.

In developed countries people don’t really know what scarcity is.
They will know again.”

Knights — What about the economy Merlin???

“ 2020 will be a year of growing scary events.
Old Structures however will still resist by deepening in the problem of debt.
Inflation is unavoidable.

Up to mid 2020s big sudden changes in money, finance and old structures will happen.
Bewilderment. Disorder. Repression.
Anything can happen. Prepare accordingly.

Banks and Financial institutions are in danger.
Banks have unlimited Fiat.
So for as long as Crypto is valued in Fiat it will grow strongly, it will be manipulated and it will be very volatile.

The Fate of Crypto is to grow in Fiat value.
But not all Crypto, not always. Beware.
Beware of the short term. Think long, think wise.

Crypto is a family of many.
Do not speak ill of other developments for fear of loosing value in yours.
Help other people on this transition times.
You will all benefit by helping each other.”

Knights — And what about CryptoLand Merlin???

Merlin’s Magic Crystal Ball started to glow intensely. It projected an image over the stone walls for everyone to see… It was KingdomMarketCap!!!


MerlinFor all of you non believers in the power of Crypto , this is one of the possibilities of a near Future in the CryptoKingdoms !

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