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Dear Hydax users,

It is the last week of Hydax Global Bounty Program. Thank you very much for your active participation. During the entire event, there are thousands of new community members added to Hydax community, and more than 10 new Hydax regional communities have been found. In addition, article translations and memes in various languages were made by Hydax fans , which greatly improved Hydax’s global Influence. We will organize the similar bounty programs again. In the future, we will have various activities to promote Hydax brand, and help the community to grow all around the world.

November 28th is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and Hydax owns a team working in the U.S. We would like to say thank you and happy Thanksgiving to all members and partners of Hydax. Thank you for your continuous efforts during this year, which make Hydax realize a high-speed breakthrough. At the same time, I would like to say thank you to our users. Thank you for your support in the past six months. Hydax will pay more attention to improve user experience, and bring greater value to our users. Hydax is still relatively young compared to some other top global exchanges. However, blockchain industry itself is still a sunrise industry, and in its early stage. Thus, we encourage our community members to grow together with Hydax, and be confident to our bright future.

[Platform Operation]

Hydax Launched Perpetual Contract Products, and is preparing for the Futures Contract Trading Contest

On Nov. 11, Hydax Exchange announced its plans to launch perpetual contract products and a simulating contract contest. Hydax has prepared detailed explanations of perpetual contract products and trading models, and you can read them on our website or check out the link below.

Link: https://medium.com/hydax/hydax-exchange-preparing-for-its-perpetual-contract-launch-cc4fe80556df

VAS is launched on Hydax. Users can get 2 $VAS for free by trading any amount of VAS/USDT pair on Hydax. First-come, first served.

VAS opened trading on Hydax on Nov. 16th. Users could get 2 $VAS for free by trading any amount of VAS/USDT pair on Hydax.

Link: https://medium.com/hydax/vas-launched-on-hydax-get-free-2-vas-now-c8f43eed35ba

Join Hydax’s VAS Trading Contest to win 5000 VAS rewards!

Hydax Exchange hosted a VAS Trading Contest on November 21, 2019 (GMT+8). All participants had the chance to win a 5000-VAS prize.

Link: https://medium.com/hydax/vas-trading-contest-e593e3f327a8

Join Hydax’s official WeChat group and win rewards!

To encourage our users to actively communicate with each other, Hydax started a rewards program for users who joined our WeChat group. Users could get updated on the latest market news and win countless random rewards by communicating daily in our group.

Link: https://hydax.zendesk.com/hc/zh-cn/articles/360036498951

Hydax is recruiting Perpetual Contract Masters!

On Nov. 26, Hydax launched a recruiting campaign for Perpetual Contract Masters. We are looking to hire 10 top-tier crypto analysts to promote our futures contract, engage with our communities, and analyze different types of cryptocurrency and the crypto market, to create more options and values for our users and attract more customers to trade perpetual contracts on the Hydax platform.

Link: https://medium.com/hydax/recruiting-contract-trading-master-f2c41199917e

【Technical Updates】

● Launched perpetual contract and simulating contract products. Users can receive 0.5TBTC to trade the new contracts by completing the simulating contract quiz

● Continued with modifying, updating and optimizing our futures products to create a user-friendly UI

● launched the sub-account system and kept refining its functions

● Continued to develop database functions and simple data analysis operation

● Optimized our app and upgraded the new mobile app

[Retrospect and Prospect]

Prices of cryptocurrencies took a nosedive this week, the most probable reason being China’s increased regulations of cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, as the year draws to an end, most people tend to play it safe on investments.

On Nov. 25, the People’s Bank of China released the “China Financial Stability Report,” reporting that since 2018, 173 domestic virtual currency trading and token issuance financing platforms have all exited without bringing national risk.

According to South China Morning Post, “China has initiated a fresh crackdown on virtual currency initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency trading — the governments of top tier cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, issued risk alerts to the public, warning of “illegal fundraising.”

In addition, Decrypt, a major media outlet on crypto said in an article, “The Chinese government loves blockchain. But tokens? Not so much.”

China is bound for a new round of changes in regulations, which is both a crisis and an opportunity. The Hydax team, located in different parts of the world, has not been affected by the policy swings. The goal of Hydax has always been establishing a global exchange, and we are amply prepared for the crisis.

Recently, as the central bank of China announced its plan to launch a national digital currency, local ministries of industry and information technology in China are stepping up their regulations of cryptocurrency and exchanges. A crackdown on exchanges led to the closing of many “exchanges” that run scam projects. Rumors of exchange founders fleeing the country also abound.

As the tightening regulations threaten the emerging technology that is cryptocurrency, it is of utmost importance for customers and projects to choose a safe and reliable digital asset trading platform, such as Hydax Exchange, where we believe that the convenience and freedom of digital asset should be built on security and transparency.

What makes Hydax Exchange a reliable exchange?

  1. Global Operation Strategy

For crypto projects, Hydax Exchange provides a reliable and brand-new option to venture into the global market. Ever since it was founded in Singapore, Hydax Exchange has aimed at becoming a trusted major cryptocurrency exchange for both customers and projects. 90% of our elite technology and management team are located in offices in the U.S., Taiwan, and Singapore. Most were educated in prestigious universities or worked in technology and finance, and all came from top Internet and financial companies all around the world. This is just one aspect that shows our emphasis on the development and operation of its platform’s technology security. The Hydax platform is managed 24/7 to guarantee prompt responses to our customers’ demands and questions. The global layout of our team also ensures that our platform will survive sudden policy changes in certain parts of the world and continue to serve as a stable trading environment for our customers.

2. All for Our Customers and Projects

Hydax Exchange is all about our customers and project clients. We provide our project clients with transparent and verifiable data to eliminate manipulations. We have a special fund that ensures the safety of our customers’ assets, handpicked top-quality digital assets that grow our customers’ assets, as well as industry-leading and exclusive panels and data reports. With our industry-leading team, Hydax Exchange created a rigorous security protection system based on banking standards. Through multi-layered protection — platform, account, wallet, internal control and more — Hydax Exchange minimizes systematic risks and protects the safety of our users’ assets.

3. Multi-Dimensional Risk Control System

The powerful technology team of Hydax Exchange has its core members coming from global top three exchanges. Hydax Exchange values the safety and risk control of our system, and has established a comprehensive and multi-dimensional risk control system which encompasses users, assets, system and the industry to minimize the risks of trading. Meanwhile, matching our standards to those of banking, Hydax team not only developed a strict safety protection model, but also protects the system, cold and hot wallet to the maximum degree in order to continuously and conscientiously protect our users’ assets.

4. Rapid Growth

Hydax Exchange has already acquired investments from many investment institutions around the world, including GENESIS, KRYPITAL GROUP, CollinStar, Pcoin Capital, Blockchain Ventures, Fusion Capital, and more. Since our launch in August 2019, we grew from nothing to something in merely four months. Our platform attracted more than 100,000 users in three months since its inauguration, and the number of daily active users reached 5,000 and sometimes 20,000. The users of Hydax are a diver group, as more than half of them come from all around the world. The stellar performance of Hydax Exchange also brought about widespread community influence. Topics about Hydax are circulating in communities across the globe, and coverage from various media outlets drew global recognition.

5. High-Quality Product and Unrivaled Experience

At Hydax, we provide our users and project clients with the user experience that is both convenient and reliable. For retail customers using Hydax to trade cryptocurrency, our web portal and mobile apps allow them to trade crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto, perpetual futures contracts, options, and other derivatives. For project clients seeking to expand their business, we provide customized management strategies to help companies achieve global resource matching, promotion with media content, 24/7 global customer service and other supports.

Within a few months, Hydax Exchange has set up many high-quality currencies and trading pairs, and had, centering around the currencies and trading pairs, launched many asset trading contests that captured the attention of users all around the world. In the meantime, Hydax Exchange is actively engaged in the global blockchain business community. Over the past few months, Hydax Exchange has been invited to the 2019 San Francisco Blockchain Week (SFBW 2019), 2019 World Blockchain Conference (Wuzhen Blockchain Week), BlockShow Asia 2019 in Singapore as well as other notable events in the blockchain industry. In the future, Hydax Exchange will strive to initiate and participate in more contests and activities surrounding crypto and blockchain.

Hydax Exchange also focuses its attention on community building, and has become a driving force in community development. We launched a global bounty program to encourage more people to join our Hydax community building. As a trading platform with a global strategic layout, Hydax Exchange will not only serve individual users from around the world, but also provide 360-degree full-scale empowerment for top blockchain projects to form a benign loop of constantly increasing digital asset values and user numbers which motivate each other. From now on, the highly promising Hydax Exchange is bound to shine brighter with the rising blockchain industry.

Lastly, regardless of the ebb and flow of the crypto markets, Hydax Exchange will keep upgrading its own products, establishing more partnerships, selecting high-quality assets and rising to any future challenges.

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