Player wins the entire Cheeze Wizards tournament against all odds

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WINNDDDDDDD!!!! screams the last Cheeze Wizard as the crows abruptly take off from their perch atop the Tower. The last spell had been cast and it was done… the thick raging clouds surrounding the Holy tower dissipate. The sound of a wooden pulley lifting thousands of rocks rumbles through the entire tower as a deeply concealed secret chamber slowly cracks open.

A blinding light slowly creeps along the busy floor riding over the many exhausted bodies. It reaches the foot of the Cheeze Wizard. The Wizard takes long, limbering strides towards the light and into the secret chamber. There it is… the Big Cheeze. A large hunk of Cheeze suspended mid air in front of the altar of the Mold God.

Since the day every Cheeze Wizard was summoned they’ve dreamed about becoming the Big Cheeze. Winning the tournament allows them to enter into the secret chamber where all past winning Wizards lay to the end of the days. The next step is transferring all of their Power into the Big Cheeze, so they can create an inseparable bond and etch their name forever on the block… of Cheeze.

Tournament 1 has concluded and we’re excited to announce the winner of the Big Cheeze.


B1ackKett1e with Wizard #4845 takes home 700+ ETH (688.1+12.5) as the winner of the tournament.

Congrats to the TK party for winning the Party Prize and the Last Kitty Standing Prize for a total of 87.5 ETH divided among the 53 members.

It’s been a long journey starting in May 2019 when we announced Cheeze Wizards at NYC Blockchain Week to the beginning of the tournament last month. Here are some awesome facts:

688.1 ETH in the Big Cheeze

8,341 Sign ups
6,107 Wizards summoned
8,395 Duels
103 Parties created
17 CheezyVerse projects built

A message from the Cheeze Wizards team:

The Big Cheeze has now been claimed. Cheeze Wizards has come to its conclusion after much melting. It spawned a lawless version in UNPasteurized and was not without some spoiled milk. Still, it proved an amazing microcosm of blockchain itself: independent developers building on top of it, shilling, social structures growing and crumbling, suspicion, doubt, hope, weird math, copy pasting hashes and a bunch of money.

If it has proven anything is what we already knew, games belong to players and on blockchain even more so: they are built by players, developers (we) merely set the stage for the community to shine through.

Now that the mold has taken over, let’s wait a bit and see what comes up for those drained, tired Wizards. If we learned something (and we learned many things) is that we should not name dates, as making curds into cheese always has an unclear amount of time involved. But let’s see… One never knows how these things age.

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