How to Use Your Hard-Earned BAT for Cryptocurrency Swaps

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The easiest way to trade the BAT you earn on Brave

Brave now allows you to withdraw your BAT from Brave and use it in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

We’ve put together this tutorial to show you how you to use your BAT for swaps with ETH or any popular ERC-20 token. In this example, we will be showing you how to swap your BAT for ETH.

Note that you need to have an existing cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask or the Brave Browser cryptocurrency wallet which can be found at brave://wallet in your Brave Browser.

Step One

Go to your Uphold wallet dashboard at

Step Two

Click on the orange “Send to Cryptocurrency or Utility Token” button.

Step Three

Select BAT (which is located towards the bottom of the list).

Now add the address of your cryptocurrency wallet along with the amount of BAT you would like to send. Be sure to use a wallet supported by Totle (seen in Step Four).

Step Four

Got to Totle Swap at

Connect the cryptocurrency wallet you sent your BAT to. If you are using the Brave Browser cryptocurrency wallet, select the MetaMask option. You will then arrive at the Totle Swap dashboard (shown in the image below).

Step Five

Click the “This” button and select BAT.

Next, click the “That” button and select ETH or any token of your choice.

Input the amount of BAT you would like to swap, review your order details, and press the “Find Best Rate” button.

Step Six

Press the “Unlock” button.

Give Totle permission to Swap your funds by pressing the “Confirm” button inside of your wallet.

Next press the “Swap” button and approve the transaction in your wallet.

Once your transaction has been successfully completed, the screen below will appear.

Now, your newly converted funds will automatically appear inside of your cryptocurrency wallet. You have now successfully swapped your BAT for another token.

Easily swap your BAT for ETH or any popular ERC-20 with Totle: Totle Swap

To build BAT swaps into your product, access the Totle API here: Totle Dev Portal

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