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IMO Token is the platform token of IMO ecosystem, which enables the project to obtain investment in stages through continuous limited private sales. The project will continue to be privately funded with development progress and stage results.

Now i will show how to register IMO Exchange for PC user.

Okay now let’s go….

You can sign up by using e-mail or you can use phone number for register

Now i will try to via e-mail okay here enter your e-mail address

Than you have to set a password than confirmed password

Here you can use invitation code although it’s not a mandatory

Than click the tick mark if you agree with terms and conditions of User Agreement.

Now press the sign up button than you will go for the check your e-mail and you will be get confirmation code

Yes i got e-mail verification code is as follows: 467879

If you did not receive it in the mail box than you have to check spam box

Okay now i enter this code in the e-mail verification code box

Than press the confirm button

Registration is successfully completed

Now i wanna log in here your e-mail which is using for sign up than your password than click to verify here enter the e-mail 6 digit verification code.

Finally we see the interface of the IMO Exchange it’s really looks like amazing.

Here two type of balance statement 1st one is digital account and 2nd is OTC account

Here a lot of token which are actually listed in the imo exchange click here to deposit your asset and this is your deposit address

But Do not deposit any of the above-mentioned addresses in non-local currency assets, otherwise the assets will not be retrievable.

Now i click withdraw option here some tips


For the security of your account, please open at least one verification method

Connect Google verification

Connect mobile phone verification

That means you have to must be connect Google Authenticator for security purposes

Now i’m talking about iOS installation

Open the settings function in your phone and select “General”

In General, select the “Profile and Device Management” feature

In the enterprise-level application category in the description file and device management, select the file name of the enterprise application to be installed (consistent with the prompt when opening), and click to enter;

After entering the company signature page, after confirming the company name and application name in the company signature, click Trust “Enterprise Signature Company Name”;

Go back to the desktop and re-open the app to use it.

IMO is a high-quality private placement platform which enables projects to obtain investment periodically through continuous limited private placement, and the project will continue to be privately funded with development progresses and stage results. Generally, private placement activities last for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or even longer. IMO adopts various advanced mathematical models to control the private placement and market of the project at different stages.

Now i am discuss regarding IMO Model

The model is called “10% unlocked, 90% locked”)

IMO releases only 10% of the investment to the investors, while the remaining 90% is locked.

This 90% of the investment can only be unlocked by the investors inviting new investors into the system. The investors are to share their referral link for new people to join the system. The more you invite, the more your investment are being released. The advantage here is that investors that invite people into the system will earn a 5% USDT and 2% unlock bonus on each person you invite.

This is just a win game to all the hard-working investors out there; those that are willing to invite more will even earn reward that is more than their initial investment.

In summary, the regular influx of new investors into the system will enhance liquidity and the price of various coins and tokens will never dump.

In previous system of fundraising i.e ICO & IEO, some comes may take a year or there regarding before they might hit their soft or laborious cap. Meanwhile, all the initial investors can have to be compelled to wait until the project hit their target before they will list the token or coins for mercantilism. Things like this can be not serving to the lifetime of associate capitalist. However, we must always be happy that some experience has initiated a awfully powerful ideology of finding those issues that gave birth to IMO.

IMO Token is the platform currency used in IMO Ecology.
IMO Ecology Platform Currency name:IMO Token
-Total circulation: 5 billion (2 billion for shareholder private placement,3 billion foe IMO mining)
-Private placement price:2 billion
Mining amount:3 billion 50% of the proceeds will be used as shareholder investment buy-back funds
-The number of the partnership:2000 person limited
-Partner qualification:subscribe for 1 million IMO TokenUnlock condition:the IMO will unlock with following conditions. IMO token`s market price become over 1 USDT or finish to 365 rounds of pre-sale. IMO token will refund by dividend.

  • First think advantages of IMO system make reduce for all the risk in investment
  • and then make reduce loss the fund of investor because IMO have a good ecosystem
  • and then for all investor its easy fro controling the fund on investment because is we can monitor the growth of project
  • the management of IMO is very well for all transaction , risk , secure , and overall in ecosystem.

I believe this project might look strange to many people, but believe me, the project carries a lot of weight. We all know that ICO and IEO has died and raising of startup funds become difficult; but IMO is coming straight into the blockchain ecosystem to turn the table around in such a way that new or existing project can be able to raise funds easily. We should give an applause to the brain behind this project because their ideology is really a great on

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