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Cryptocurrency is a digital (virtual) currency that has no physical expression. And now, around the world, cryptocurrencies are becoming more prevalent. Cryptocurrencies perform payment functions, accumulation functions and savings. Some cryptocurrencies are used as digital shares of companies. Companies use cryptocurrencies to attract investment in their projects. And despite the fact that almost all states in the world are opposed to cryptocurrencies. Therefore, more and more people are cryptocurrencies, there are many ways to earn cryptocurrencies.

Due to the fact that there is a demand for and a supply of cryptocurrencies, there is a need for their conversion. There is always someone who wants to sell his cryptocurrency and there is always someone who wants to buy this cryptocurrency. In this regard, there are more and more crypto currency exchanges and cryptocurrency exchange services.

There are people who are constantly trading in foreign exchange and cryptocurrencies. These people are called dealers.

Some companies have issued their own tokens or coins through cryptocurrency exchange. The IEO, which is an alternative to ICO.

For example, crypto currency exchanges are in demand with ordinary crypto holders as well as with traders and companies.

Crypto-currency exchanges operates on the principle of conventional exchange. At crypto-currency exchanges, orders and sales transactions are not issued. The cryptocurrency exchanges interface is designed to be easy to use for both experienced retailers and ordinary cryptocurrency holders.

Currently a new crypto currency exchange called Liquiditex has opened.

Liquiditex cryptocurrency exchange already exists and cryptocurrency buy / sell transactions are already taking place on you. So far, these trades are limited to a minimum number of crypto currency pairs. But in the future, as with any other cryptocurrency exchange, the number of cryptocurrency pairs for commerce will increase steadily.

he cryptocurrency exchange engine is designed to perform up to 100,000 exchanges per second. This is a large number of people are using it.

Liquiditex cryptocurrency exchange pays close attention to the security of its assets and user assets. Liquiditex exchange stores 95% of all assets in cold wallets and introduces additional security codes for withdrawal transactions and the potential immediate deduction of all tokens that protect user funds, even if, for example, a hacker manages to crack an account.

There is currently a web version of the Liquiditex exchange platform. But in the future, the stock market and iOS applications.

Liquiditex Exchange has issued its own lex tokens in the amount of 100 million units. It is based on Ethereum and is an erc20-token. 15% of these tokens are sold by private sale. 60% of the tokens go to the exchange team, 2% for marketing, 3% for the maintenance of trade and 20% remain in the exchange reserve. The price for a Lex token is US $ 1.

In addition, Liquiditex introduces a customer positioning system called Shell. The shell system is used to collect shell, much like points, so that the user can have higher positions in the exchange rating. Users who have more shell want to have more privileges and privileges, as well as receive more shell honors already available. That is, more shell-more rewards.

What are the main problems of today’s stock markets?

  • Reliability: This is the biggest problem of stock exchanges. Securely store investments for investors. Our money and investments express the value of the work we do for us. If we risk losing all our money due to a stock market deficit, we stay as far away as possible.
  • Transparency: Users want to be constantly informed of the development and transactional processes of the stock exchange they entrust their investments to. This is another factor that keeps them safe. If there are hidden things going on somewhere, there is danger.
  • Effective communication: Knowing what the customer wants is very important for a stock market. If you do not respond adequately to your customer’s wishes, you are unlikely to develop. If you have a problem with your investments, you should be able to contact the managers who will take care of you immediately.
  • Fluency: There are many stock exchange projects today, but most of them remain so because the amount of transactions on them is very limited. If you want to buy X currency you have to find enough sellers that you can trade or if you want to sell X currency you have to find enough buyers.
  • Ease of Operation: People prefer the evolutionary easy one. If you are going to do an operation and you have two options, you always choose the easy one. However, it is very difficult to trade in today’s classic stock exchanges. There are a lot of unnecessary steps you need to go through for a simple exchange, and often you need technical knowledge to use these exchanges. This is a process that adversely affects the user experience.
  • High Fees: Today’s stock markets get unfair income by demanding high fees from their customers for simple transactions with very small costs.

The Liquiditex Exchange wants to talk to anyone who wants to sell their shell.

To register on the Liquiditex exchange, simply confirm the e-mail address, connect to Google authentication and create additional security keys. KYC check is not required. You actually need cryptocurrencies at the same time.

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The official links to the Liquiditex Exchange are listed under this article and you can familiarize yourself with this exchange in detail.

WEB: https://liquiditex.com/

Whitepaper: https://liquiditex.com/images/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/liquiditex

Twitter: https://twitter.com/liquiditex

Facebook: https://facebook.com/liquiditex

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/liquiditex

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