My Native Layer 2 Token is all Grow’d Up and Listed on a Mainnet Exchange

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So I built Cryptoraves. Its a dapp that lives on Layer 2 for anyone who wants to launch an ERC20 token using only Twitter(!). A part of that project’s vision is for L2’s role to be a sort of incubator for “fledgling” tokens, and when some of them are matured and ready to fly they can migrate on to the Ethereum Mainnet.

As a proof of concept, I tried this out with my own @cartosys Cryptoraves token. I did this by exporting to Mainnet and listing it on the smooth-as-silk exchange using their fantastic “list your own token” feature — I do LOVE zero barriers!

And I learned so much in the process I want to show you how it all worked, just for fun:

1.) Back in October I sent this tweet:

You can too, BTW. See, Cryptorave’s system picks these up via the Twitter API and knows to instantly launch a billion brand new ERC-20 tokens. In this case with MY handle attached. And so I tweeted them around to friends, colleagues, etc. Which is a lot of fun, BTW! As a result I must not-so-humbly brag that I’m currently ranked #4 on our Leaderboard (although I fear i will inevitably be knocked further down at the rate many savvier folks are advancing up the ranks).

2.) Anyways, all of Cryptorave’s transactions are performed on Loom’s Layer 2 Basechain. This allows us to provide the barrier-free experience for our Twitter users. Now Layer 2 is great, but my Token has its own yearnings to explore, and even though I consider it far too young, I understand its ambitions to go out into the wide world of Layer 1. So decided to help it do so.

A Dope Gate

3.) The Loom Transfer Gateway. <- This is the portal into the bustling streets of Mainnet through which my fledgling tokens must pass. It took some focused coding , but I hacked together a manual system for withdrawing some of my tokens out of L2. I consider this the beginning work towards Automatic Mainnet import and export, which one of our major future roadmap features.

4.) Ok, now that my tokens left the L2 nest they quickly made their way over to Vayladex’s neck of the woods where getting listed couldn’t have been simpler:

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