X Function, Smart Products that Produce Millennial Creativity

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If the usual Blockchain technology platform only provides crypto currency exchange services, token sales and other services that can only be enjoyed virtually, it is different from the services offered by the Function X platform. Where the platform will provide a variety of products that can be enjoyed in physical and virtual form, where the product is a smartphone Blockchain, XPOS and Nodes. Not only that, the platform will also provide decentralized Blockchain internet services, so that every byte, bit, application, image and data contained in the application will be safe. Where of course by using these services and products users do not need to worry about hackers who want to hack the user’s personal information.

The smartphone product released by the platform is the first product released by the Function X platform, for which the product has been named Blok On Blok (BOB). Where BOB is a Blockchain smartphone that can be designed in accordance with the wishes of the users, which can make the BOB smartphone a second smartphone with a different design. In addition, the design used on the mobile phone will be collaborated with advanced technology in the future such as avant-garde, which design will make the smartphone display of the users look more real and sophisticated.

As we know that, the normal smartphone used by users today has a similar design if the product is issued by the same manufacturer and also limited access, which is one of the limitations is the internal memory of the cell phone is small and not balanced with large storage needs. So that will result in users having to buy other external storage such as hard disks, and gradually the smartphone can no longer be used because the applications contained on the smartphone must be upgraded and will require a large storage area. Of course this will be different from the storage provided by the platform, which BOB smartphone has extensive storage and sophisticated specifications.

In addition, the BOB smartphone that will be used by these users, does not require a centralized service provider to be able to carry out various activities such as calling, sending messages, and accessing internet services. Where it is caused because the smartphone is connected to the Blockchain internet, so users who use the service no longer need to buy credit to call or send messages, recharge to buy internet packages and only pay service fees based on the type of service used. So that with this service users no longer need to enjoy poor network services due to weather or other issues and relatively high credit fees. Where it can make people able to maximize the use of money more efficiently and prioritize the money for more important things.

Another product of the Function X platform is XPOS, which is the second project to be released after the platform has finished developing the platform. Where XPOS is a smart product that will function as a device that becomes a decentralized selling point and will function more dominantly as a node. Products released by the Function X platform are open source products, where users will be given the freedom to renew, create changes to the software and hardware of the Function X platform products. Where if users create the latest innovations and want to trade those innovations , then users can trade through XPOS products, which at the time of the sale the user must install the X Wallet digital wallet application and can make various transactions on the digital wallet.

Then the next product that will be released is Nodes, which Nodes are service providers, where all products such as BOB and XPOS will function as node Function X. Where Nodes will function to distribute services, which for each service that is distributed by Node it will be different, and depends on performance, location, capacity, storage and level of trust.

From the various reviews above, it can be concluded that the Function X platform is a platform that provides a variety of smart products, through which these smart products can indirectly bring out all forms of creativity.

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