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In the face of Christmas meals and New Decade celebrations, Witnet has made sure-and-steady steps towards Mainnet-readiness. Wishing you all a fantastic 2020— the year Witnet moves to Mainnet 😎!


Sheikah Interface

Witnet Testnet Update

Witnet <> Ethereum Block Relay

Witnet Node

Our monthly Q&A is out, where we will attempt to answer in detail the key questions posed by the Witnet community.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them on the community Telegram group or Discord, or send them via email.

As usual, bounty opportunities have been posted on Gitcointhe network is a great way to get stuck in to Witnet’s product, and gives you the chance to be generously rewarded for your open source contributions.

Are you interested in contributing to the development of witnet-rust? The Witnet community would love to have you involved. Visit the contributing guide, and join the Witnet Discord so we can help out with any questions you have.

Since Witnet is an open protocol, the community is very interested and receptive to anyone curious about building a separate implementation. Have a favorite language you’d like to try to build Witnet in? Let us know on the Witnet Discord and we’ll be happy to help you set up.

Alongside ETHDenver in February 2020, members of the Stampery Labs team (one of the organizations in the Witnet ecosystem) will be representing Witnet at EDCON in Vienna on 3–7 April. Tickets are still available — let everyone know on Telegram or Discord if you’re coming!

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