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How to claim your FREE PYRO TOKENS!!!

Airdrop/Self-drop Announcement

PYRO Phase 1 airdrop will occur on January 10, 2020.

Claim them here:
*Must have MetaMask, Nifty Wallet, or some other ERC20 compatible wallet

On the official website, click the request button to recieve your PYRO Tokens.

You must meet the eligibility requirements below.

– Users can claim PYRO based on how much ETH they held in their Ethereum wallet at block snapshot number 8900000. –


  • 10,000 PYRO will be given for every 1 ETH you held at the above block snapshot.
  • The maximum amount of PYRO you can claim is 100,000 PYRO which is equivalent to 10 ETH for the airdrop.

Minimum & Maximum Claim Amounts per address


MINIMUM 0.01 100

MAXIMUM 10 100,000

Tokens can be claimed ONLY by wallets that held ETH on the block number 8900000. You can use the following tool to check your ETH at that block:

– You will have to pay a very small amount in gas (ETH transaction fees) at the time of claiming.

– If you didn’t hold ETH at that block snapshot there are other ways to win PYRO. Please check #invite-competition and #bounty-contest in our Discord group. There will be more airdrops after this one ends with different requirements to participate. Stay tuned.

– The tokens will not burn when sent from US to YOU so you will receive the full amount based on your ETH holdings. — You will be able to claim directly from the web wallet on our website.

Any additional information regarding the phase 1 airdrop will be posted/pinned in #airdrop-info or #announcements Also, I would like to thank everyone for supporting our project and thank the team for holding things together.

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